10 Bold Color Recommendations for Earthy-Look Walls

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Something bold always tend make it so stunning and easily becomes a direct focal point. The bold wall paints, for instance, are included as the favorite options for both exterior and interior of homes. They come in wide range of color schemes and can be applied in any style of home designs; and here we’re gonna share ten best color schemes that visually give tone boldness to interiors & exteriors. Just in seconds, you’ll get inspired. Just be ready.

A living room with rust-colored walls. Rust here seems like the earthy terracotta, delivering bold yet warm in visual way. Create the layers of direct interest with furnishing the room with pale-toned linen sofa featuring with a midcentury modern side table and a floating book shelf.

Pink is comeback but this is rather earthier than other common pinks, slightly visualizes high intense yet soft and warm. The picked color is nicest opt for any objects including the vivid indoor plants.

Pink – gray mix – the combination produces a balance of neutral and girly-feel color schemes, but we see that these two color schemes own unique pigment that makes both look softly earthy.

Named Indian Yellow. The color is commonly used for walls, railings, and even clothes. The pigment is actually sourced from the cows’ dried luminous urine. The cows here get special treatment before; they are nourished with the mixture of water and mango leaves; but now there is more practical way to get this pigment like a fabrication.

Inspired by a luxurious house in Malaysia, the dark green really grabs the mood. Make it merely as an ornate wall and be ready to have positive vibe all days. I personally love the white-green color combination; it’s a beautiful contrast and indirectly be an accent wall.

Teal-colored wall idea – Just look how the color perfectly works with clean and light color schemes like white and light wood color. The combination produces the nicest contrast without overpowering each other. Teal here also looks solid and bold over the other existing color schemes.

Make terracotta as your crush and apply it for your favorite room like this spot, for example. It’s the nicest backdrop for objects around especially the houseplants, makes the space seems so alive and fresh.

Make the space fun and brighter with bold color scheme like yellow. To reduce the over-power pigment, set some darker schemes we can insert on furniture, accessories, and other supporting interior pieces. Here we have modern black leather sofa, gray area rug, even brass-finish table lamp. Gorgeous.

Feel highest lux and elegance with Haymes Creole color paint for your walls. The color pigment is rich, solid, and warm-look, really matching for any room styles. Rattan and knitted pouf in this bedroom gives a texture, visually completing the color charm.

Yellow, another cutest color scheme that adds cheerful and warm feel at the same time. The color perfectly works with such semi-privacy room divider, indirectly creating a color accent in rooms separated by this block panel.

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