10 Clever Tricks to Upgrade Your Small Bathroom into A Spa-Like Bath

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Need new inspiration to redecorating your small bathroom? Need a bathroom makeover idea to achieve your dream spa-worthy bathroom? You’re in lucky; I would like to share some ideas of small bathroom makeover that probably fit your bathroom redecorating project. Check this out to see the ideas in more details.

What a fun bathtub! It’s great to add a wood panel (caddy) crossing your bathtub for placing your favorite book and a glass of cool drink on it. With this, you can enjoy your soaking-time for hours. Yes, it’s just the simple wood panel, but it’s totally luxurious and actually adds your bathroom value.

Mirror and storage can also improve your bathroom quality. It’s seen in this idea where you’ll find the easy access to grab the bath needs in just the seconds with this. Visually, these two items are also attractive to display in your bathroom. This light wood mirror-storage unit, for instance, is helpful to give the space of bathroom clean look, simple, and airy.

It sounds good to replace your tired bath mat with a stylish and classy one; cedar bath mat is one of perfect options. The mat offers natural texture and tone, automatically giving a natural touch to the space.

DIY shelving unit sounds interesting to level up your bathroom visual and repurposing a plant pot display for your bath supplies like toothpaste and body soap becomes the most creative idea. Let it as a display as well as a functional piece installed behind the door.

Make your bathroom more stylish by adding a low profile brass hanger for towels. Mount this ring near your bathtub and enjoy an easy-accessed towel. This idea is another best alternative for hanging plants and loofahs.

Go all-out just with your greenery and facilitate them with your own creation like these DIY wall-mounted planters. Get a spa-feel with these stuffs and pair each planter with fresh and green plants. The wall-mounted planters are the perfect option for refreshing and garnishing any space without taking much of space, so don’t worry about the lack of space availability.

Upgrade your vanity by doing simple thing like using medicine cabinet as the alternative makeup storage. This idea is better applied for small bathrooms where you need to consider optimizing all shelves or any kinds of storage options that are already existed in room.

Be elegant and uncluttered simply with a storage tray. Use this storage alternative for collecting and organizing your small things such as nail polishes, jewelry, hair ties, and accessories. The wooden tray is one of best options for a simple and natural look in your bathroom.

It’s basic to pay attention to something small yet essential in the bathroom, and yes the handsoap bottle is just one of the examples. Make it simply more stylish and visually attractive by replacing the old bottle with a cool one.

Make an upgrade to your bathroom with these two items: ultra-soft bath rug and shower curtain in pastel. These items seem cool and add more elegance. I really love the curtains; they’re beautiful with layers, effectively adding the curtains’ volume.

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