10 Clever Ways To Add A Boho Touch to Your Home

pottery pot with American tribe inspired motifs flat woven tablecloth in white The EVERYGIRL

Inserting a Boho touch is just one of the best ways to express your unique character. You’re free to implement everything on your mind. Bohemian style, in home decorating, means expressing the unique lifestyle commonly presented on linen preference and even home decorating idea. The most recognizable character of Bohemian style is the use of layers of textures, colors, and patterns at the same time. The style also highlight the importance of nature, so many Bohemian lovers always add some vividly fresh houseplant or greenery to their home. The followings are just some ideas of Bohemian touch that can give the uniqueness to your home. Let’s check them out.

Just start from the simplest ones. Pottery pot and flat woven are the pieces that can instantly add a Boho touch. Look at the motifs on the pottery pot; they are American tribes-inspired. The pot looks so matched when featuring a flat woven tablecloth.

It would be creative if you also make your dirty cloth basket as the next target with a Boho touch. Choose a woven basket for this then add linen accented with fringed trims for a Bohemian look. It’s so simple but brings a huge impact to your room.

Now it’s time to play with your bed. To create a light and clean look, white is well-recommended as the primary tone, then give it a texture by using handcarved headboard for a Bohemian touch.

Be selective in choosing the area rug if you want to transform your room into a Bohemian style. Pick the rug with layers of patterns and colors that effectively can add a Bohemian look. A couple of Bohemian wall decors also look good for giving a bit of Bohemian vibe to your living room.

Make a Bohemian spot by setting up a chair on the corner space. Garnish this spot with unique accessories starting from a macrame wall decor to a hanging houseplant. Don’t let the chair empty; put some throw blanket or a throw Bohemian pillow on it.

The dining room is your next target. It’s optional where you should add your most favorite Bohemian touch. In this picture, it’s clear that the area rug is set as the room statement. With dark-toned abstract print, this floor treatment surely offers a texture of color. It will be visually interesting if we blend it with the natural color hues like dark wood, white, and even wood color.

I really like this vinyl player. Unlike other vinyl players, this one has a suitcase-like cover complete with traditional motifs within the suitcase, so when the suitcase is opened, you can see the player and those motifs obviously.

Smaller Bohemian-style rug is another recommendation you need to try. Made of no-slip polyester sheet, this rug is safe and of course so stylish. Its shabbier tone gives the old-look that’s now on the hottest trend. The tassels are also more than the ornament; they’re the part of Bohemian identity.

Beautiful. Three macrame wall hanging plant holders – they are perfect for a Boho touch. They are designed for small houseplants that need a decorative touch.

It’s clever way to add such a beautiful Lana macrame pendant by Anthropologie to your living room with a bit of Boho touch. It’s making a statement!

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