10 Creative Subway Tile Installations for Kitchens and Bathrooms

step ladder patterned subway tile backsplash Homes To Love

Some come in and some other come out from the trend and subway tile is one of tile kinds that make a comeback in these years. Now this kind of tile is available in more various color, shape, and size. Subway tiles are also dynamic in patterns and vibrant in tone; even new season of interior trend today are exposing a classic, standard, and clinical look due to this tile installation. How many ways to install this subway tile differently? Here I try to reveal ten best subway tile installations for home. Let’s check this out.

Classic brick-like installation is so popular; even it’s the most popular one. But with gloss or satin finish, the subway tile installation will look different. Make it updated with bold colored grout. You’ll adore it instantly.

Choosing thinner grouts for your subway tile installation is also a good idea to create a subtle, classic, and elegant look.

Subway tiles can also be more stylish in another shape created only with placing them in several degrees. Herringbone shape in 45 degrees or herringbone shape in 90 degrees. We all agree that herringbone shape can transform a flat and blank white ‘canvas’ into the stated one. The shape is able to create an illusion of movement in any spaces. For a bigger stated feature, choose a contrasting grout such as jade green or blue.

Like the herringbone patterns, step ladder patterns also create an illusion of dynamic movement in space. Even it can visually make the space looks bigger. Whether for bathrooms and kitchens, the step-ladder subway tiles are perfect for wet area.

Another cool pattern I really recommend to you is the cross hatch. The pattern is basically the combination of vertical and horizontal tile installation and this installation technique looks versatile. Subway tiles with this pattern always potentially become a focal point.

For traditional style, most designers always recommend a past stacked tile installation like horizontal-way and vertical-way. What patterns we choose, get the continuously same stack, meaning that you need to offset all rows.

Use two kinds of patterns for rich texture. Maybe this is a little bit messy but artistic. Herringbone featuring horizontal, for instance, will be great if each tile is highlighted with black grout for obvious gap.


Install your subway tiles in straight herringbone shape. This is another way to update your kitchen. Use black grouts for bold look.

What about the different tone? This will be so interesting if we choose two tones of subway tiles. We’ll get naturally rich texture even though we install these two-toned subway tiles in random way.

Blue-gray subway tiles with glass finish. The color actually can brighten up the space and it’s ideal for small kitchens or bathrooms due to the bigger-space illusion.

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