10 Dream Kitchen Island Designs Visually Can Serve A Stylish & Cozy Prep and Cooktop to Your Kitchen

wood matte black kitchen island in minimalist look Pinterest

Kitchen island is the main and ‘the most-wanted’ unit when we’re planning a kitchen. It is an icon of luxury kitchen due to its attractiveness and function. A modern kitchen island can serve as a dining or a living space in an open-plan kitchen; the space is also becoming a perfect connection between the kitchen and other functional rooms where we can possibly communicate with others while we’re busy in the kitchen. Sometimes, such a modern kitchen island is a perfect spot to welcome and to entertain our guests. To accommodate this, it’s better to complete the kitchen island with some essentials like bar stools. To give you more references and inspirations, we’ve collected and shared ten recommendations of kitchen island designs probably can meet your personal preference.

wood top kitchen island with book shelf and storage solution some bar stools white subway tiled walls and backsplash with dark grouts white countertop farmhouse sink


This kitchen island is designed for family gatherings where we’ll find warmth through its simple design. Wood-top is visually warm, perfectly providing a cozy spot for fun and intimate conversations.

Simple, tiny, and functional; these values are required by urban cottage owners. Smart lifestyle needs something simpler and more practical than ordinary life, and such an amazing kitchen is the real representation of urban lifestyle in modern era. Its tiny size can save the space, it suits new couples.

This is actually a kitchen cart but it can be a double-functional item as a kitchen island as well. With wood top, it’s possible for us to have a cozy prep and cooktop when we’re planning to cook. In the other hands, this piece of kitchen essential can also be a movable cart to serve dishes or drinks. Available in Wayfair.

If you wanna add the texture to your kitchen island, this idea might be your perfect inspiration. Personally, I love the island’s base with the exposed stones. It gives a special texture and tone. Let the top gloss and smooth for easy prep and cooktop, but give another texture to other spots of kitchen island for an aesthetic look.

Ultra-modern kitchen design with a luxurious kitchen island. The whole part of kitchen island is marble, one of expensive materials for kitchen essentials. Inspired by Nordic style, all kitchen set, including the kitchen island, is clean line and minimalist. The large space of kitchen island’s top provides more space for prep as well as for any other purposes like serving the breakfast, welcoming and entertaining our guests, or even working the jobs at home.

Still about marble, this one is so great, a kitchen island dominated by marble. Its natural patterns are lovely, giving a special look to the whole island. The kitchen island also contributes in creating a high-end home.

All-white kitchen always serves modern, minimalist, and clean look, but be careful to implement it. It’s hard to keep it clean from dirt. Based on the physical appearance, all-white kitchen, including white kitchen island, looks so gorgeous and dreamy. It’s so inspiring and adoptable, too.

If you’re planning a low-cost yet durable kitchen island, concrete kitchen island is one of the best options. Make an ultra-smooth concrete finish for cozy and clean-look kitchen island. Add metallic materials for modern features like stainless steel faucet, black iron stools, and metal planted stove. They’re perfect for modern touches.

Ultra-minimalist! All kitchen essentials here are designed in minimal look, including the kitchen island directly integrating with the kitchen countertop. The color choices are amazingly beautiful. They’re perfectly representing the most current color choice in which matte dark and earthy hues are dominating today’s color trend.

Matte black vs wood finish, they’re contradicted but can complete each other. Black visually looks cold but the warm-tone wood finish will perfectly balance it.

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