10 Impressive Indoor Garden Ideas That Can Bring Huge Impact To Your Home

greenery rack idea made of ex leaning ladder white planters with greenery Pinterest

It sounds great if you have an indoor garden that beautifully garnishes your home. There are so many options of indoor garden ideas you can adopt and they come in huge various sizes, plant kinds you want to grow, tips of maintenance, and tips of light needs (either shady or sunny). See more the best indoor garden ideas in this page and be ready to get inspired.

fresh greenery wall decor in rustic style


Make your mini indoor garden as a stylish wall decor. With wooden rack support, you can mount the clear glass pot on the wooden bed and fill each glass pot with small decorative plants. You can also make some DIY planter from unused mason jar with the holed top for growing plants. Fill some mason jars with candles for ornate lighting.

Simple and unique, this vertical indoor garden of course gives the natural feel to this room. Grown with hexagon wire assistance, the plants look so gorgeous when growing up through this line of hexagon wires. Even this spot can be a statement of room.

Creative DIY indoor garden mounted on wall. This idea fits your low budget project and you can manage it by your own. Fill the jar with some beautiful flowers and mounted them on your wall. So easy, right?

Hanging garden for interior also sounds interesting. The idea is pets & kids-friendly. The space can’t take amount of space, so it suits for small rooms.

It’s a fact that a corner space is hard to furnish and the only way to make it more interesting is by adding something ornate like this hanging indoor garden. You can use some vines on such brass planters and just in seconds, now you have a beautiful corner garden. At least the brass planters here add luxury to this corner.

Like previous one, this vertical indoor garden looks larger and greener. Supported with a larger bed of hexagon media planters, your indoor garden will be a massive one.

Improve your towel rack by using it as the creative plant rack. Mount some planter on the rack’s step and be ready to have a cool greenery installation in your kitchen.

The flower-spots designed in different way. At glance, they look like a group of jellyfishes with greenery tails. Each ‘jellyfish’ is made of wire basket with the bottom hole as the media to plant some greenery. So unique and creative.

Make a simple wall decor to entertain your guests like these hexagon racks of greenery. It would be great if you figure out the creative greenery displays like these ones. They’re simple yet impactful to everyone visiting your house.

If you have an indoor garden and wanna make it stated, just simply fill it with this ornate concrete planter product. The planter is firm and durable from any weather condition, so it fits the outdoor use, too. The overall design is clean line and minimalist, matching for any modern indoor/ outdoor landscaping ideas.

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