10 Masculine Bathroom Ideas You Must Try Out

glossy black bathtub stainless faucet black stone walls dark wood vanity cabinets frameless mirror warm toned lighting fixtures Pinterest

When you have a plan to decorate a bathroom, you need to add something interesting based on your personal style. For men, for example, a bathroom is specifically designed without frilly towel, flowers, or something pastel. By contrast, it should be bold in masculine tones like dark shades, earthy, or neutrals.

It’s also important to figure out what men like the most. Something simple and clean lines are just the examples. Followings are ten ideas of masculine bathroom idea for men. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired. Or just try to adopt these then.

This bathroom looks so elegant in black. The designer uses black in three versions: textured, matte, and gloss. I really love the lighting and wood element here. They enrich the space in different way. Feel warm and cozy just in dark shades.

An attic bathroom dominated by white. This bathroom is cleaner and much brighter than the previous one. The space definitely exposes white and whitewashed finish combined with light wood tone. As the consequence, the space becomes well-lighted, making all users won’t be sleepy when walking to this bathroom.

Black and white is always stunning and this color combination is well applied in this masculine bathroom. Black and white also bring timeless and fresh look. Add the texture simply by finishing the walls and floors with tiles. Wood element addition also sounds great to add natural and warm feel.

This is so inspiring, black finish yet inviting and so open. I see the wood element here and it exactly brings natural warmth that visually ‘softens’ the black finish. White, as the neutral color hue, plays its role, making the space inviting and cozy  in visual; and look at the towel stand! It’s so gorgeous!

walk in shower with black walls and white flooring system recessed shelving unit with hidden lamps floating closet


Masculine bathroom in minimal look. Supported with a recessed shelving unit, the space offers a practical and simple way to store all bath needs. Each shelf is inserted with a hidden lighting that adds modern look to the space. The walk-in shower here is also minimalist, only consisting a wall-mounted shower splash. Personally, I love the black finish in this room; it brings a masculine vibe.

No contemporary shower is complete without a cool bathroom vanity. You can use playful lighting fixture to add the style to your bathroom; and hidden lamps (the light fixtures installed behind the mirror) and modern pendants are perfect options. They of course give the warmth visually. Add some greenery for a refreshing touch.

You have more options if you won’t use marble or granite to finish your bathroom; and concrete is a good option. It’s cheap yet stylish. With a good application, concrete would be a perfect option for modern finish. Finish in soft neutral, this concrete vanity is clean look and minimalist. Worn-out wooden stool here adds a rustic touch, giving another textural tone to this space.

Red bricks featuring dark shades look so sexy for men. Both are textural in tone. The hues visually offer a masculine look in any spaces, including the tiny bathroom.

Keep it rough to give the space texture, and stoned walls might be the best option for this. Feature this idea with organic wood for a balance.

This bathroom decor idea absolutely will make you stay awhile. The gloss and watery-look tiles add uniqueness to this bathroom. When combined with the organic wood, the space feels warmer. Black iron finishes founded in mirror’s frame, faucet, and towel hangers gives a masculine character to this space.







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