10 Minimalist Living Room Designs: Inspirations for Cozy & Stylish Sitting Area for Welcoming Your Guests

navy blue modular sofa with throw pillows hair pin leg bench seat as the coffee table Pinterest

Minimalist means many. It could be no-fussy furniture, clean look, and cozy. The space in minimalist look commonly refers to the place with the functional interior pieces instead of those decorative only, meaning that the aesthetic value is important in home design & architecture, but function is the first issue need to consider. Starting from the living room, I’d share to you ten ideas of minimalist, elegant, and cozy living room I’ve collected from Pinterest. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you and drive you to try one that’s the best out for your next home remodeling project. Let’s check these out.

whitewashed brick wall Scandinavian style furniture set light toned area rug with fringes wooden floors


With whitewashed brick wall as the background, this Scandinavian-style furniture looks so stunning and gorgeous. They complete each other, collaborating in creating an airy-feel and bright living room.

This is more than the comfort, but it’s exclusive. Make your feet spoiled with this area rug product. Complete the look of your modern-minimalist living room with comfy seats and rug like this one. What a perfect collaboration!

Everything is minimalist and well-organized, including the layout of furniture. Perfect layout means a modular sofa with a coffee table in the center. The space becomes completed with the existence of area rug that can be the ornate piece and feet comfort maker as well.

informal living room idea floor seat with throw pillows light wood coffee table gray area rug light wood shelving unit


Informal living room idea – this is amazingly cozy and can be more relaxed to sit on next your fireplace or to welcome your visiting guests. Take a look at the furniture choice; it’s unique yet possible to give the comfort.

For smaller living room, these body-fit floor cushions probably suit your choice. The overall setting offers a relaxing seating nook, recommended for any romantic moments.

Area rug now becomes my focus. Its multiple patterns are so stunning. The colors of each pattern apparently match with the interior including the furniture.

Hairpin-bench seat is set as the coffee table. This idea is inspiring and proof that we can use other kinds of furniture for different function.

So comfortable. Furnished with tufted upholstery sofa and simple-modern table, the space is helpful family gathering, having so much fun moments with people we love.

One of best inspirations from Pinterest, an open-plan living room-dining room where we’ll find fresh atmosphere due to the organic wood use dominating the space. The ambiance is also cozy-feel, plus the houseplant here really adds a natural touch.

We’ve found some Moroccan touches here. They simply add special features in this minimalist sitting area. Each Moroccan piece delivers the rich texture obviously exposed by layers of patterns and colors, definitely giving the direct statements to the room.

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