10 Recommended Minimalist Interior Designs for Updated, Uncluttered, and Modern Home Look

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Are you a minimalist home design lover? You’re so lucky because today I would like to share the most stylish minimalist home design that probably will give you an inspiration. Minimalist home design always delivers a fresh, simple, elegant, and functional as the main values of design. Even most experts define this style as reducing objects into the basic of necessity. Minimalist also simply defines a modern design on current trend of home design and architecture. Well, join us right now to see more ideas of minimalist home designs.

All-white bedroom with earthy tone additions. This idea really presents a modern minimalist that visually emphasizes a clean and minimal look. All furniture pieces are practical in use; no need the ornate items.

Wicker furniture like this one can give an obvious texture to all modern minimalist homes. When it features a tropical decorative houseplant like this ornate banana plant, the space is slightly like a tropical-style home.

The space seems like the shabby and worn out one, but all elements here are warm look and clean line. With gray dominance, the space is lighter; only an armchair that offers a vividly bold and old look in this space. So inspiring.

An open-concept space accommodating a bedroom and an informal living room in one frame. I personally like the texture on all flat woven pieces. You can find them obviously on the area rug, tablecloth, and floor cushion. They’re special to add character to this sleeping-sitting area.

Brass finish of course will add more elegance to any rooms. Make it more stated by combining it with light elements like light wood stool and white porcelains.

A screened balcony can be best alternative for a cozy and homey workspace. Furnish the space with a simple bench, x-base table, and wall-mounted bookshelving to support the atmosphere. Let the screen opened if you want to inhale the fresh air and to feel the winter breeze for refreshing your mind during working at home. What a fun experience!

Small and practical. The kitchen is completed with a tiny breakfast nook. The space is a great idea for all tiny houses with a limited space of kitchen and dining room.

Ultra modern and minimalist, a bathroom with gray dominance. Gray here has created a masculine vibe, being a good option for a manly-interior design lover. All essentials here are practical; they are set based on the function.

Scandinavian style kitchen with white kitchen countertop and cabinets open shelves in white wooden dining furniture set


I like the color combination: wood and white, it creates a clean, light, and airy. Supported with midcentury modern furniture pieces, this kitchen really represents a Scandinavian style.

Huge glass window without frame is just one of the characteristics of modern minimalist home design. It allows us to see around the view outside the house. Interestingly, such a window can also be a new alternative for an ornate part of the space, especially when the window is visually like a ‘frame’ of natural views outside like trees with a background of the clouds.

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