10 Stunning Midcentury Modern Furniture Pieces We Recommend to Modern Home Lovers

egg lounge chair with hard wood frame and tufted squishy cushion in white Pinterest

Modern properties, particularly the modern furniture, are obviously affordable. Lots of furniture are designed with personal charm that fits any gorgeous space. Since midcentury modern furniture pieces have a distinct look, it isn’t hard to feature with any various tones, styles, and finishes of furniture in one room. You need to look for any references of midcentury modern furniture to spice up your living room if you want to, and the followings are just some of the best collections of midcentury modern furniture we’ve taken from our favorite site, Pinterest.

What an adaptable furniture. This is actually the combination of chair and side table but the designer built it as one piece of furniture. Of course, it’s more practical and space-efficient, really recommended for apartment-size living room. Yellow, the chosen color, is so perfect and effective to make this piece definitely stated.

An armchair in shiny blue. It’s perfect to combine two different color hues into such a lovely chair. Blue as the representation of poppy tone looks good and balanced when featuring an organic wood color. It’s like we’ve involved both modern and natural color elements at the same time.

Stylish and practical. This vanity offers a fresh look by the colors. Yellow and blue are both contrasting but can work well in creating a color accent in this piece of furniture.

Midcentury modern end table with dark wood finish. Its distinct design offers a uniqueness we won’t find in any other pieces. One side is supported with the open shelves for magazines and drinks, while the top is effective for the desk lamp. Very practical.

Blooming lounge chair, this is perfect to get relaxed in. Its bold red color visually creates a statement. The physical design is truly inspired from a blooming Hibiscus flower.

Designed by professional Korean designer, this lounge chair really offers a huge comfort. At glance, the frame looks like an egg’s shell; since it’s made of organic wood, the ‘shell’ is sturdy and durable, and the most interesting fact is that the shell’s shape truly accommodate the tufted squishy cushions in this chair, so you can spend your hours just to curl up in this chair.

An oversized woven lounge chair. It’s unique because the designer expresses her sophisticated idea into this comfy chair. It must be comfortable to sit in as the woven feels so fluffy. Visually, the chair has also been a statement of any rooms.

Simplicity is the true aesthetic. This box-like side table has been designed in the simplest look; it is completed with a simple yet functional storage space for magazines or books.

What a huge! This is perfect for a modern personal library. The bookshelves vary in size and each shelf has been supported with strong and durable pillar. The lovely dark wood finish seems so perfect for modern-style home library.

Be unique with your personal choice of furniture. This midcentury modern shelving unit, for instance, looks so special with the full-height, so you can grab the book you wannna read right after you wake up from your bed. Interesting.

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