12 Bathroom Inspirations You Can Try Out To Deserve Luxurious, Timeless, and Personal Design

elegant black bathroom matte black bathtub free standing faucet in black stool with round wood top and black metal legs dark wood floors Pinterest

There’s nothing more interesting than the soothing ambiance of the bathroom. You can spend most relaxing hours in your dream bathroom that has been modified based on your personal taste. With a spa-like atmosphere and design, of course you can be hard to leave this spot. Followings are ten best ideas of dream bathrooms probably will give you more inspirations when having a plan of bathroom remodeling. Hopefully, this would be useful for your next project.

What a gorgeous lighting effect. The hidden lamps are intentionally set to add a modern accent lighting that obviously improves the bathroom look.

One thing I notice the most is the tile installation. Here, I find that the tiles are the room statement. They’re bold and colorful. The patterns are unique, simple, yet stylish, obviously matching with the existed bathroom hardware.

I see three different finishes here and each has distinctive character that actually can complete each other. The vintage tile floors, as the treatment kind for the base of bathroom, are bold due to the color shades and motifs. They’re so textural. Unlike the floors, the concrete finish is visually cold and rough, but the red brick wall installation perfectly softens the look. About the lighting option, the designer cleverly chooses the dimmed ones for warm and dramatic look in this space.

Contemporary cool – bare concrete bathroom vanity with concrete sink featuring a worn-out metal faucet. They’re shabby but so stylish, bringing a rustic-industrial look to this bathroom.

If you dreams of a modern-minimalist bathroom, this idea probably suits you. White and black are taken as the main color shades in this bathroom but you’ve discovered a handwoven wood mat and houseplant as the highlights that exactly give the natural flair.

So inspiring, a rustic bathroom idea with light & warm tone and minimalist look. All bathroom essentials are intentionally managed in bright tone, including the bathtub and free-standing sink. Of course, the produced setting will make your guest speechless when finding such a beautiful bathroom.

What a clever idea of wall treat. Actually, the wall merely consists of brick-like tiles in black. The tiles are arranged in herringbone patterns to add character. I agree to complete the space with different materials like brass, organic wood, and bare concrete because each looks so stunning with black as the accent backdrop.

Be bold in black. It’s important to complete black bathroom with something lighter, warm, and friendly in visual. The ornate handwoven baskets and tribal runner are the clever idea you can try to miss a boring and monotone look. These pieces, of course, amazingly will make the bathroom vividly alive.

simple and low budget walk in shower with double shower heads growing vines


Look so simple. This walk-in shower is the real sample of low-budget bathroom remodel. Simply using white tile installations for floors and walls, the space feels so comfortable and practical. The double wall-mounted shower-heads here allow you to have fun bath moments with the loved one. Always remember to add a color highlight like these growing vines or greenery for a bit of natural touch.

Get a posh bathroom by adopting this cool bathroom idea. Overall, the space of bathroom offers maximum comfort; and the tone, matte black, is the most interesting one. It’s so elegant and textural.

This is the real spa-like bathroom idea. Unlike the conventional tubs, this built-in soaking tub is a focal point instead of a functional piece.

Create an intimate and personal bathroom based on your personal style. Make sure that all parts are working well and be functional. Like this bathroom idea, all elements are set as the functional pieces including the tub, recessed shelf, and the light fixture. I also love the interior that combines organic wood and concrete as the basic materials.

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