12 Popular Dining Room Colors by The Experts

small breakfast nook baby blue dining chairs with wood angled legs small dining table with wood top multicolored tiles floors white brick like wallpaper modern pendants Homify

I’m so glad to share about the popular dining room colors I’ve taken from some inspiring experts’ blogs. The experts have expressed their ideas through their most favorite palettes which are applied on the entertaining dining rooms. Well, just access my page below to see more ideas of popular dining room colors. I wish these ideas will inspire you, especially when you’re planning a new dining room remodel project. Let’s check these out.

Angelic blue is applied on wall, giving elegant and fresh visual look in room. The color greatly stimulates other color palettes to stand out. The wood color, broken white, and solid black in frame look much more stunned with the angelic blue as the background.

Be elegant with dark purple palette. This color palette visualizes depth but sweetness. The designer uses it as the accent to add a statement of room; really recommended to feature it with antiques for more classic look.

Simply white with wood accent. The designer’s simple lifestyle exactly influences the idea applied in this small breakfast nook. White & wood accent are taken as the dominant color scheme. Just red flowers are added as the most stunned centerpiece in this room.

Really simple yet cozy; I love the color choices used in this small space. It’s so inviting to come and sit in. The baby blue stands out the room which is actually has already been highlighted by tiles’ colors, but the pendants finally make these two schemes blend perfectly.

A mix of natural and pop of colors visually looks great to apply for entertaining breakfast nook. It gives fun without missing out the nature’s tones. Here, the fiber hand-knitted products (such as knitted rug and lampshade) obviously speak about the nature existence in the middle of pop of colors.

It’s really easy to make your favorite colors stand out. Just background them with very bright white wall. The objects with vivid colors will be easily recognized and stunned with white wall background like this breakfast nook.

Brave color scheme on wall is closely related to aquatic appeal. It brings freshness in space. It’s so pretty and dominant after other colors are finally added.

The color combination: purple wall, plum pendant, and tableware really highlights this picnic-themed dining room. The setting feels like a country indoor picnic.

Bold & deep green is commonly associated with comfort, a perfect color for dining room. The dark leather furniture, of course, would be a luxurious & classy match for such setting.

Hit the space with such gorgeous classic Moroccan tiles. The tiles’ color definitely primes the space, while neutral & light furnishings give casual & exotic touch to this small breakfast nook.

Absolutely pop & cute! The wall paint color is inspired from sunny yellow which gives a special texture to the wall. In instant, the space becomes the highlight and contrasted hue against black color accents.

Want to create a neutral-look? Pick creamy and pale as the primary schemes. To avoid the monotone look, uplift the space with deep color like this dreamy blue applied on ceilings.

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