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Three Season Exterior Design With Glass Windows And Glass Door
Bricks Wall  Three Season Room With A Single Large Glass Window And Glass Door Home Wood Deck Consruction  With Wood Vertical Railing
Full Glass Wall System With White Frames A Brown Sofa A Wood TV Stand With Cabinet Round Table And Chairs
3 Season Room Seen From Outside With Large Glass Windows And Door A Set Of Patio Furniture
3 Season Room With Skylight Feature A Comfy Single Sofa With Rattan Table A Rattan Chair A Traditional Wood Dining Furniture With Blue Table Cloth
High Ceiling 3 Season Room With Several Skylights And A Ceiling Fan A Green Sofa With Glass Top Table A Light Green Carpet  Some Glass Windows With White Frames
Large 3 Season Room With Black Ceiling Fan Cream Colored Sectional Sofa With Single Chaise Beautiful Green Carpet Dark Stained Wood Planks Floors  A Small Indoor Plant Shelves
Full Glass 3 Season Room Idea With A Pair Of Comfy Sofas With Pillows  Grey Tiles Floors
Luxurious Sofa In Gold Color Dark Wood Coffee Table A Small Console Table With Table Lamp A Standing Lamp With Cream Cap Large Window Glass
3 Season Room At Second Floor With Full Lenght Glass Windows  A Home Deck Construction Made From Wood

People need to spend their time outdoor enjoying the natural freshness and beauty offered by garden and surroundings. A 3 season room is a perfect spot to do that. Western people are used to gather with family in 3 season room from April to November. Even, this spot is used on two other seasons: winter and spring. If you have an idea to add a 3 season room to your private house, here we share several things about the 3 season room ideas.

Three-season room is totally different to years- room additions. It is rather designed to give the home owners a protected space to see and to enjoy the outdoor view. The room also brings the natural light into home. No Air Conditioner and heater. To let the air circulation goes well, a ceiling fan or a standing fan is ok to be added at the room. Then, what are difference between 3 season room and years-room? A years-room commonly has two panels glass for the door and windows, while 3 season room only has a single panel glass for windows.

Most 3 season room ideas are installed a large skylight as the main source of natural light for the room. Its intent is to make the room warmer and lighter during summer. Tiling and ceiling selections need to consider carefully to support of taking the warmth from the natural light. A ceiling fan helps to cool the room at the afternoon. It means that the room relies on the solar energy as the main source of heat and ceiling/ standing fan as the room cooler.

Talking about 3 season room designs, they must complement the interior and exterior home designs. That’s why you need to consult the professional before constructing 3 season room ideas.


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