3 Sided Gas Fireplace, Unique and Elegant Room Divider

3-sided gas fireplace is also called as peninsula gas fireplace. According to its name, its main function is as the room divider which has additional feature. The additional feature is gas fireplace box. Three sided gas fireplace is also popular as corner gas fireplace. Three of them are similar, but today they are designed in more extended versions.

Three sided gas fireplace becomes the focal point for the room because it has modern and attractive look. It is commonly applied in modern minimalist interior design. As a room divider, 3-sided gas fireplace can be seen from different angles of rooms. That’s why it is designed in three-side-views for people visiting us. The most strategic spot to place this room divider is a living room which is integrated with other rooms such as family room, and dining room/ kitchen.

Not all three-sided-gas fireplace is built as room dividers. Many of them are designed as regular gas fireplace building with modern look. Such function, of course, is similar to wood / coal fireplace which is designed as the warmer to the room.

Gas fireplace is more practical because you can control the flame and heat based on your mood. You just press the button of your remote control to set up the flame look and heat. If you are interested in replacing one of wall system in your room to such unique room divider, here are some lists of 3-sided gas fireplace designs.

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