5 Things You Should Know before Arranging Furniture

You have just moved into a new house and all the rooms are empty. When it is time to fill them with furniture, you may feel confused. How to create the best arrangement is the first question that most of you have when you are ready to place new furniture. Furniture arrangement cannot be done hastily because it can affect the style and the free space later.

First, you should understand the function of each room and how many people will use it. It will determine what kind of furniture you need and how many seats required.

Second, selecting the focal point of the room is important because you have to adjust the furniture around it. It can be a rug, fireplace, or TV. If you pick the TV as the focal point, make sure that the distance between the seating or watching area and the TV is three times of the screen size.

Third, you had better put the small furniture after the bigger ones. All furniture should be placed facing the focal point so it looks organized. If you want to create formal atmosphere, a symmetrical arrangement is the best. In contrast, creating a casual room can be done through asymmetrical arrangement.

Fourth, to create balance, you should place various sizes of furniture in the room. You cannot put two big or tall furniture next to each other. It is nicer if you place the two same size furniture on the opposite side. Moreover, you are also encouraged to combine the curved furniture with the solid one.

Last, pay attention to the traffic. Do not block the room circulation with huge furniture pieces.

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