500-Square-Feet Apartment Tour: Look Inside What Inspiring Interiors Better You Don’t Miss

little greenery on white pot hairpin leg side table with round wood top wall mounted lamp black white pillowcase broken white pillowcase dominant black blanket My Domaine

Yes, it must be a small space when we’re talking about a 500-square-feet apartment, but when we’re stepping inside, all interiors are amazingly large-look than what we expect. We’re glad because we had an opportunity to join a 500-square-foot apartment tour in Williamsburg, and what we’ve got that day, now we want to share it to you. Re-designed by Olivia Stutz, these are the shared interiors you need to get inspired.

We all know that the interiors are gonna be airy and soft, and this is the reason why the designer picks black and white as the primary color schemes. Stutz also emphasizes some textural pieces such as blankets, rugs, and fabrics that are well-presented in this bedroom.

The apartment owner’s most favorite thing is about the soft-neutral color schemes. To make the space more alive and fresher, the designer adds a little greenery nearest the bed. She believes that the greenery really brings great energy. Purely organic modern home, she calls.

A wicker sconce obviously adds a special character to this room as there is no interesting accent like a headboard.

Although the space is dominated by soft-neutral color schemes, here we’ve found some pops of color like this vividly bright pink painting on top of the orange leather-finish chair.

One of masterpieces in this living room is heart-shape wood coffee table. Reclaimed wood was chosen as the material, and the woven poufs nearest the table look similar to table’s natural wood color. It seems that the designer uses these two items in purpose: trying to give natural warmth to this living room.

The hardest thing when re-designing this tiny apartment, according to the designer, is choosing the sofa. White-taupe sofa is the right choice. It provides much of comfort & style.

This tiny bathroom applies a beachy vibe with dominant blue decor. Reflected on material source of shower curtains and body-care products, it’s clear that the owner prefers sustainable items.

Sea painting as the centerpiece of room – this piece of artwork is meant to replaces the headboard previously existing in this bedroom.

Break the emptiness of crisp white walls simply with this oversized wall mirror. It could be a direct focal point of room. The black frame makes this interior accessory visually obvious.

hairpin leg side tables with round wood top

The Citizenry

One thing to consider when re-designing a small apartment is the furniture’s size, and this hairpin-leg side table is just the right option. The overall design supports what the small interior needs about the space availability.

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