84 Inch Bathroom Vanity Brings You Exclusive Awe in Details

You might be confused of how to fill your bathroom with style. In this case, you can start the decoration from vanity design. Yeah, it must be the first welcoming item in every bathroom. In addition, what if I recommend you to have a 84 inch bathroom vanity? It is must be the fittest stuff to meet your need in the room.

Only fit bathroom vanity is a cool design that take the advantage of two bead-board. It takes the middle way with its stunning floating style. Double black wooden boards give awesome effect for natural and stylish look. In addition, the rectangle white sinks above the counter-top flash the design perfectly beneath the triple wall mirrors. Another bathroom seems to appear luxuriously in black and white. In glance, it looks similar with living space, but the vanity applied in the room gives you a clue. It is no longer double appeal, the three black boards floating beneath the large wall mirror is really stunning to put all your stuff altogether.

Black bathroom seems never die as it appears again in different style. This immortal combination of black and white gives strong and impressive feeling for everyone with exclusive outlook. Two boxy sinks splash the black glossy floating vanity fashionably. Meanwhile, the large frame-less wall mirror stacked on the wall reflect the awesome walk in shower designed with small tile of the wall. Its transparent door is restrict-less anyway.

Amazing black vanity design with unique bowl sinks welcome you for the next chance. It shares green accent to for playful tone. The distance placed for every stuff give spacious effect to the bathroom perfectly. Wooden vanity design is also classic appeal that always steals people heart. Glassy storage as well as the mirror stacked on the body give simple perfection above the cream counter-top.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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