91 Magazine’s Best Ideas You Can Adopt for Stylish Homes

Duck Goose Coffee Shop interior with whitewashed brick walls coloful ornate frames natural wood table modern chairs in white and black 91 Magazine

I wanna say many thanks to 91 Magazine that always gives me so many inspirations of interior and exterior designs, home decors, and even the decorative piece recommendations. The magazine indirectly triggers me to re-share all ideas posted on each online magazine page to my viewers. A lot of issues have shared on the magazine but today I just want to share ten images only that actually become the best decor/ design ideas ever. Well, let’s join with me right now and be ready to get inspired so soon.

This is Aerende’s bathroom. It exposes the real beauty just in simple look. All bathroom essentials and interiors are designed in compact and clean look, truly representing a modern concept.

So inspiring, this is a zero-waste cafe in Brighton. Look at the velvet seats; the green shade visually brings fresh yet masculine vibe, totally matching with the existing color shades in this room.

Of course this is the most comfortable spot to curl up. Supported with smooth and warm linens, this spot is gonna be your favorite ‘nest’. I just imagine having a great time in such a cozy corner with my favorite books and hot coffee.

I’ve found a unique coffee shop for both children and adults. Duck Goose Coffee offers many options of photogenic spots like this one. It’s simply designed in modern style with the addition of pop of colors for the accents. A little houseplant is also added as the natural vibe and fresh maker as well.

Placed in Duck Goose Coffee shop where you can find so many gorgeous spots for children. This seating corner, for instance, is specifically designed for children. The unique thing I’ve discovered in this room is a chalkboard table complete with kids’ handwriting. A couple of beanbags are included to provide more sitting area and two rows of simple book shelves are installed for displaying kids’ favorite books.

Leather finish is timeless and it’s an instant way to get a classy look. Tufted leather chair with natural wood frame can be a perfect option for ultimate style. Set it in clean and bright interior for more modern and contrasting look.

Deep neutrals like gray always look standout. It’s gonna more obvious when featured with light and bright color shades like whites and light wood colors that apperently visualize a Nordic or Scandinavian home style.

Interested in a simple minibar to your lovely house? Maybe this one is adoptable. Simply furnished with high-profile wooden bar table and a couple of wooden bar stools with back, you now have a stylish mini bar for your daily fun drinking moment. This can also be used as a breakfast nook for your family.

This guest bedroom always provides comfortable and welcoming space to nap. Filled with natural nuance, the space must give the best experience to anyone who’s visiting this home. Inspired by Scandinavian style, all furniture sets are highlighted with light wood finishing. It looks clean and minimalist after whites and darks are joining the existing finishing.

Always feel motivated and on high spirit when doing work at home with this home office furniture support. The furniture sets are simply dominated in white, so it’s helpful to create a clean look, airy, and bright space. This nuance seems to be perfect for any workspace. Glass window right behind the desk of course can be an ‘escapism’ when you’re bored, tired, or even you wanna look for a bit of refreshing view outside. The window also becomes a functional corner where the natural light freely accesses the whole room inside.

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