A Comeback: Terrazzo, The Hottest Trend Currently Making Over The Expensive Marble

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Perhaps just few people know what terrazzo is. Indeed, terrazzo is not as popular as marble, but it’s marvelous. For most architects & home designers, marble is out of date but terrazzo has come back and becomes the biggest trend in this year; and now you will be seeing it everywhere – floor tiles, printed wallpapers, furnishings, and even lampshades.

To make you easier to bring terrazzo trend into your lovely home, I have collected 10 ideas of terrazzo home decorating. Hopefully these ideas will give you new references or even inspirations you need when having home remodel projects. Let’s take a look and start adoring.

It’s a great idea to apply terrazzo on modern home. Of course it would be a luxury finish, especially with a lot of chips; they give special character. The staircase, in this picture, performs a perfect collaboration of light-toned terrazzo with bold-neutrals like wood and black finishing. Each tone has uniqueness, but terrazzo, with the chips, looks much more textural and characterful.

I may say that terrazzo floors here are purposely involved to compete the greatness of ceilings. In just simple way, the floors enable to make a statement, especially when they’re featuring a set of modern white dining furniture. Really stunning!

But if you wanna use your terrazzo for functional furniture, this terrazzo coffee table probably inspires you. The table is framed by gold-toned structure and consists of two layers of serving tray. The lower one can be perfect option for storage, including books or magazines.

Terrazzo countertop in pink probably sounds weird but when combined with the right color, it would be awesome. This pink terrazzo surface laid in pink kitchen counter, for instance, has brought a uniqueness and of course visually sweet.

Terrazzo wallpaper visually makes this wall softer. With lots of chips, the wallpaper enables to be a perfect background for any colors, including pastels (obviously seen on sofa) and even neutrals (carpet).

Terrazzo & clean, soft, and bright color schemes – make them a nice combination. Just let each scheme plays its own role. Create a good balance and cohesiveness without dominating the others. Like in this picture; all color schemes complete each other.

simple concrete bench seat with pink terrazzo finish


Look so sturdy in pink. This is a custom concrete bench seat with pink terrazzo. It would be so gorgeous when featured lighter concrete interior like in this picture. It’ll be a highly beautiful contrast.

A terrazzo table with chips that give lots of textural color and character to all things around, like this cup of cappuccino.

The hallway with terrazzo floor tiles has enchants me. It showcases the most stunned flooring idea that perfectly blends a lot with the bold colors like the blue velvet curtains and earthy brown interior. Skylight here really helps the floors, especially the chips, look so sparkling.

These floor lamps are so expressive-less but unique. Their playful pink color easily makes them a direct interest, and the simple design doesn’t make them look out-of-date.

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