Great and Popular A-to-Z Bookends

A bookend can be used not only for keeping a row of books stand vertically, but also for decorating your shelves. Therefore, you may consider what type and design of bookend that fits your room style. Etsy offers popular items of A to Z Bookends. Here are some of them.

A rustic A to Z Bookends is a handmade item by Blessing and Light with some materials such as alphabet, ink, paint, stone, and letters. Because it is handmade, you can request A to Z or other letters. There is also no vinyl and it will fit in any room and any décor with its rustic style.

An (A)pple to (Z)ebra Bookends is made by Lisa Bees Craft and Design. It will be perfect for children library or bookshelf in their room because of its colorful design with an apple for the letter A and a zebra for the letter Z. The material which is used are wood, ribbon, and paint.

If you like sporty or vintage style, you may love this A to Z vintage sport bookends. It has stripped letters in gray and navy color with vintage sports balls, bats, gloves, and caps painted all over the bookend. You still can request any colors and sports that will be painted there because it is a handmade item by The Present Place. Another A to Z bookend made by The Present Place is customized A to Z bookends in mod orange, brown and white. It uses some materials such as acrylic paint, glue, paint pen, sealer, and wood.

You can see other great and popular items of A to Z Bookends from these pictures below.


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