Alternatives for ‘Rebel’ Walls

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Wallpaper closely relates to aesthetic wall treat ideas. It’s identical with floral or classic/ vintage print options, but today there are so many options of wallpapers we can choose based on our personal taste and preferences. Today, we are going to show you something different, the wallpaper designs that can change your wall look into the stylish and ‘rebel’ ones. Let’s check the designs out.

Ribbon wallpaper can be perfect alternative for a charming wall with bold and colorful look. It’s a good choice for you guys who need a stated wall for any rooms, but remember not to feature it with colorful furniture or interior accessories.

Fancy your walls with such a beautiful wallpaper product. The wallpaper offers a floral motifs exposing the growing plants in green and grey. The colors are so stunning and not overlooked, so the wallpaper matches for any rooms.

Radiant orchid wallpaper is also so stunning and fits any interiors. It can be a perfect backdrop for this vintage chair.

What a creative! ABC spelling bee wallpaper, a recommended one for kids’ rooms or playrooms. If you love it to, it okay to try it for your favorite room like this white living room.

Maybe we call this an abstract painting-like wallpaper. It’s so artistic and applicable for simple and minimalist bedrooms. Its shades are neutral but pigmented, so the wallpaper can role as a stunning backdrop for the bedroom’s furniture.

Quadrangle wallpaper offers a lot of color shades and geometric patterns in one frame, adding a modern touch to any rooms including such modern & minimalist living room.

But if you’re looking for a cheap and stylish wallpaper, this chalkboard wallpaper is recommended to you. With this, it’s free to add any pictures or writings you’ve made by yourself, meaning that the wallpaper can be your media to stimulate your creativity especially on art.

Make your walls like the real jungle with this tropical jungle wallpaper. In visual, the wallpaper is so interesting and offers the refreshing green leaves that actually can be an accent in any rooms. Even, the wallpaper can give you a direct focal point with thematic look.

Cloud wallpaper can be another alternative if you want to create a calm and peaceful nuance in your bedroom. It must be fun to have it for the bedroom as it can raise your mood and feel like it brings you to the real sky.

This wallpaper also offers a refreshing visual to your home. Look at each leave print on the walls; they feel like they’re alive and make the room fresher.

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