Always Be Happy When at Home with This Feng Shui Guideline for Homes

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Feng shui for home is the important thing to consider when having a plan to redecorate a home. Feng shui refers to the energy called chi that rightly moves to your all interiors. Your home is an ecosystem or environment that actually will affect you. Feng shui is also a way to achieve a positive energy in all spaces, so it will indirectly give you a positive vibe and atmosphere. Really want to know more about feng shui for homes? Here, I would share some interior designs with feng shui directly delivered by feng shui expert, Anjie Cho.

Let the space furniture-less and enjoy the fresh air pass through the space. This idea makes the space simple and minimalist. A couple of windows contribute a lot in providing amount of natural light and fresh air that can access freely to this bedroom.

With the huge glass panel, the room will be brighter naturally. It can save the energy, so you can use the light from the light fixture only when needed. Of course it’s the genius solution for cost-efficiency.

modern clean minimalist kitchen design white kitchen cabinetry glossy white backsplash wood wall paneling wood bar table black finish wood stools concrete floors


Minimalist and clean. These values surely can help us to find serenity through the simple design as we’ve found in this kitchen. Cooking is not a boring thing anymore, but fun.

Feel the ‘expensive’ life with this superb comfy bedroom in white. White means clean, calm, and simple. Set in less of furniture, this bedroom looks large and loose, giving much of space to access, a perfect solution for ‘busy’ and traffic area. The slanted ceilings and the exposed beams here give the style as well as the proof that the space with height is good for airy room.

Pale yet delightful, this is what we see in this bedroom design. The space is only filled with less of furniture that’s essentially needed. In modern minimalist home decor idea, less means a lot of elegance. Elevate your bedroom now with this idea. Just try it.

What a dreamy bedroom! Set exactly in the center of attic, the bed creates a perfect symmetry and an aesthetic worth. A white drapery adds a dramatic look to this space, while the green duvet cover differently gives a textural hue as well as a color accent to this all-white bedroom.

Sometimes a hobby brings huge positive energy to us. Like these piles of book collections, they look cluttered but can drive us crazy to read more and more. Of course this is not bad habit; reading opens up our mind.

Vivid plants always give positive vibe to any spaces, including the bedroom. The green leaves are more than the vividly ornate pieces, but they’re also so refreshing, enabling to produce amount of oxygen for us. Put the plants in the right place like the corner of bedroom. Make sure that they get sufficient sunlight to keep them alive.

The color choice is also important. Choose the right color hues based on our personal style and needs. Earthy colors and some of pop of color sound good to combine. Like in this kids’ bedroom, the color combination adds warmth visually, and the wood color here acts like the most perfect color background.

Choosing the best bedding treatment product is also important. The best product means the best coziness and quality. In this bedroom design, the blush pink duvet offers huge warmth to this room, so does the rug, letting our bare feet walk in this smooth-textured surface.

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