Amazing Wood Vent Hood

You can called your kitchen is perfect place to burn. Food processing can’t be separated from cooking activities using stoves. When you cook some foods, surely it will create smoke. Even when you have perfect kitchen windows already, you need a vent hood. Vent hood is necessary because room with so much smoke should have good ventilation. Vent hood comes with so much awesome types, then let’s see which one is perfect for your kitchen.

First type of vent hood is under cabinet mount vent hood. This kind of vent hood is located on the bottom of your kitchen cabinet. It takes a little bit space in your kitchen, but using it is worthy. Nest vent hood type is ceiling island mount. If you have kitchen island and your stove is located on it, then you have to install ceiling island mount of vent hood. The problem comes when you don’t have high kitchen ceiling, this vent hood will block some of your views.

The last vent hood type is wall mounted. It is not stuck on your cabinet, but it has its own space which is even close to your kitchen ceiling. It is the most vent hood type that people often choose for their kitchen. All vent hoods come from kitchen set, then when you decide to choose one of kitchen set on market, make sure you have suitable vent hood type as you wish.

Kitchen vent hood type is also based on its material. Metal grey and wood are two common materials for vent hood. If you want to have combination set in your kitchen, you can use wooden kitchen set with metal grey vent hood. But if you need warm and antique kitchen look, so you should use wooden kitchen set with amazing wood vent hood too.


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