Apartment In New York Offering Fresh and Colorful Design

Colorful apartment design in New York offers pleasant experience to inhabit. Thanks to Buro Koray Duman Architects that succeefully finished the apartment remodelling to create more captivating living space. At a brief look, strong and shapely design is the primary feature, adding distinctive character that fascinates the eyes. Spotted near to the Sarah Roosevelt Park in New York, USA, this apartment showcases expansive city sight. Prior to renovation, this apartment was initially a 1980’s gloomy three-bedroom, and now it transfoms to be a luminous one-bedroom space.

From the main room, the interior is splitted by sharply and wavy wall that is able to accomodate storage, powder room, as well as the laundry space. A refreshing and playful green color is added in the separator, leaving the space with a hint of enjoyment. Several colorful decorative pieces, such as the yellow and blue unique stools, are placed in the main room to complement the dull white hue.

The wall is dominated with white-washed brick that provides brighter charm. Despite the completed renovation, the architects remained its initial authenticity by letting the vintage wallpaper in the kitchen and the authentic brick wall. In the bathroom, the master bath is fully enclosed with plate glass and the tiles are honey combs shaped.

The colorful furniture against the white hue design creates an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere that provides luminance acroos the room. The selection of the furniture is also based on its functionality, so the apartment is not only trendy in style but also greatly functional.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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