Apartment Size Sleeper Sofa Design

Living in apartment is not easy as you think, it may be simple but it is also difficult, especially about furniture. It is different with home, apartment can’t have all furniture inside, including big size like sleeper sofa. You may think it is not really your luck, but you can still have one sleeper sofa which is designed special for apartment size. Job that you need for having sleeper sofa in your apartment is measuring your apartment room size where you want to put the sofa.

Sleeper sofa surely is comfortable to put in your living room. Apartment usually doesn’t have clear line of dividing each room, so now you need to use open room concept which is combining all rooms in one room big space area. If you want to put your sleeper sofa on living room side, then prepare good spot for it. Measure the area, length, wide, circumstance, then consider other things that you will put on it, for example side table or coffee table.

Apartment size sleeper sofa has kind of minimalist size and shape, so it is not useful for apartment only, but also for your home with small space. Choose sleeper sofa with chaise, it must be comfortable if you can put your legs on the sofa too.

Find the best sleeper sofa kind based on its fabric material. People choose sofa because of its durability, not only about its design and style. Decor your sleeper sofa with two pillows, two are enough for it.

reference: apartmenttherapy.com

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