Asian Homes, Bring Inspiring Asian Architectural Signatures to Every Space of Your Home

Bali inspired bathroom design textural gray walls with recessed shelves small sized outdoor pool small wooden bench sea grass limestone floors Smith Brothers Construction

Asia becomes one of best destinations to vacation. There are a lot of places recommended to visit. Not only about the beauty of nature, but we can also enjoy other aspects owned by Asian like their social life, a great history, and architecture. Well, talking about Asian architecture, it has particular characteristics starting from the facade to materials used. If you have much curiosity about that, here I’ll help you to know more about the details of Asian homes that maybe next time you’ll be inspired. Let’s check them out.

A living room inspired from Asian homes. The feel of Asia is found in a sliding door divided the living room and reading corner. The designer has adopted Japanese homes style with a sliding door as their famous architectural inheritance.

Another Asian-inspired room obviously exposing a sliding door as the main highlight. The door is made of Shoji screen framed with solid wood. This material is commonly used for building Asian home dividers/ partitions. Attractively, Shoji is regarded as one of echo-friendly products, really recommended for green homes.

Medium-toned wood dominates the room, and the room partition factually takes my interest. The partition is actually adopted from Asian’s Shoji screen, but here it’s seemingly built from more solid screen like fiberglass. The ceilings, for your information, are just the fiberglass featuring the stretched fabrics. I can say this idea is actually Asian-inspired product, but the designer executes it by including fabricated materials for more modern appeal.

Asian homes are closely connected to screens and natural materials. To divide the sleeping zone and powder room, here I find frosted glass screen framed with blackened steel. It looks like a real Asian’s screen, just different in material used.

airy and large bedroom Indian inspired wallpaper wood like ceramic floors platform bed with tufted headboard lounge sofa glass top bedside tables


To create a personal zone, this bedroom is designed with function and aesthetic value as the emphasis. The space is airy and huge in size. Pastel palette dominates the space. The designer chooses wood-like ceramic flooring and minimalist furnishing, and muted colors and wallpapers give the effect of warm look.

A little Asia in a courtyard. This small inner garden has been completed with Asian-inspired fountain and some natural rocks. To add more natural appeal, the homeowner puts green grass bed surrounded by small natural stones. Some fresh plants like decorative mini bamboos brings more Asian feel in this space. Shoji screens, more interestingly, have been nice wall background for the whole layout.

The screens directly take my interest. They look so adorable with colors and the single one is really unique and rarely found at other places. Its see-through screen allows us to visually access the living room behind it. Really inspiring, right?

An indoor-outdoor bathroom inspired by Asian architecture. I love the texture of both indoor and outdoor walls. They expose different texture but keep appealing the space. Some recessed shelves are just the additional features for decorations. The sea grass limestone on floors offers smooth surface and natural look as well, and the wooden bench really complements the whole grays in this Bali-inspired bathroom.

Zen-inspired patio with traditional fountain. I imagine I can just relax and enjoy the greens around. The wood construction and Shoji screens really give Asian influence here. The landscape, in obvious, also supports it.

asian inspired kitchen wooden cabinets with Asian pulls marble countertop textural white backsplash upper display cabinets with glass doors

Bradshaw Designs USA

Asian-inspired cabinets’ pulls are recognizable ones to represent the Asian architectural influence. With marble countertop and textural backsplash, the designer cleverly combines two different styles, modern & Asian signature.

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