Home Tour: Alex & Rachel New Manchester Home Clearly Exposing Cultural and Style Diversity

light and uncluttered open concept midcentury modern loveseat with orange cushion seat and throw pillows white area rug wooden coffee table wooden accent cabinet black floor lamps and ceiling lamp

Today, I wanna take you to our home tour session in which we’ve selected a three-story home in Whaley Range. This home is unique and exposes a cultural diversity of suburb life in Manchester. The owners, Alex and Rachel, feel so glad having such a dreamy home. Well, are you


10 Recommendations of Warm Color Palettes You Need to Adopt for Homey & Stylish Home’s Interiors

half bold terracotta half white walls natural brown leather sofa movable cart for books gray area rug accent black pendant

Earth tones are now becoming the hottest trend for homes. They describe the color shades inspired by nature. Gray, brown, tan, and green are included as these tones, and they work in a good harmony to mimic the real color shades we’ve commonly found in outdoors. Today’s designers have designed


Instagramable Spot at Home You Can Adopt for Your Dream Home

free standing tub in white stainless steel faucet wooden stool light wood plank floors glass window accent pendant lamp

Have you spotted the most Instagramable spots in your home? Instagram is often used to share a lot of beautiful things we have, starting from the fashion items, design and architecture, and even the delish foods and drinks. Sometimes have particular criterion related to all pictures we’ll post and share


Add More Glams to Your Kids’ Room with These Inspiring Montessori Floor Bed Designs

Dalida floor bed frame in house's attic look like

As good parents, we surely want to give the best things to our kids and in the golden age, it’s better for us to provide our toddlers with the best facilities like the furniture specifically designed for the toddlers. Montessori or floor bed frame for toddlers is very recommended to


Authentic Furniture Designs Effortlessly Catch Everyone’s Eyes

Baba accent chairs in bold red

I really imagine that it must be awesome to have a stylish and cozy home furnished with the series of functional, practical, and comfy furniture pieces. I figure out the handmade furniture sets that’s exposing the authentic design. A lot of products have been provided but it’s now our job


10 All-White Kitchen Designs Can Make Your Cooking Space A Favorite Spot to Cook And to Gather with

super uncluttered kitchen idea crisp white kitchen island with sink and faucet flat surface wood cabinets electric stove accent light fixture

We surely agree that all-white kitchen design would be great since it brings amazing visual effect like clean, simple, and bright look, but sometimes just few people who dare to use this shade to their home due to it’s too boring and monotone. Actually there are some tricks to make


Interior-Exterior Timber Cladding Texture for Trendy & Naturally Textured Look

wood planks shaped in herringbone patterns rocking chair with gray cushion

It’s always amazing to choose the wall treatments for both interior and exterior of home. Like other people, we surely want to get the best look simply from the wall treatment we’ve chosen. There are many options of wall treatments provided and timber cladding is just one of the most


Wall Texture Options for Walls’ Ultimate and Stylish Look

raw concrete wall in natural gray modern accent pendant in light gray modern chair in gray

There are several options of wallcovering that can altering the walls into a stylish one. Each idea can help you to get the creative and aesthetic interior wall design. It’s optional to choose the wallcovering you wanna apply for your walls. You have stone cladding, upcycled palettes, ceiling medallions, stencils,


12 Bathroom Inspirations You Can Try Out To Deserve Luxurious, Timeless, and Personal Design

elegant black bathroom matte black bathtub free standing faucet in black stool with round wood top and black metal legs dark wood floors

There’s nothing more interesting than the soothing ambiance of the bathroom. You can spend most relaxing hours in your dream bathroom that has been modified based on your personal taste. With a spa-like atmosphere and design, of course you can be hard to leave this spot. Followings are ten best


Black-Stained Kitchen Inspirations, The Kitchen Trend Now People Make It As A Crush

black kitchen countertop with black sink and faucet black countertop

Dark isn’t always bad to try out for homes. Black for the kitchen, for instance, is a genius idea to create a unique look in your cooking area. It’s rarely found, indeed, but with black, you’ve just got an elegant look. Need more inspirations of kitchen ideas with black stunner?