Contemporary Interior Designs Effortlessly Will Inspire You

bare concrete walls copper plumbing black bathtub wooden stool

Contemporary home design is now booming and many people love this design due to simplicity, elegance, efficiency, and clean look. See ten contemporary designs representing the most current trend and be ready to get inspired. The first idea is the contemporary bar kitchen in Canberra, Australia. The kitchen is elegant


10 Tricks To Elevate The Unused Attics

Scandinavian style attic bedroom series of skylight exposed wood beams glass window light wood floors white beanbag with animal stuff

The attic is one of the most appealing parts of the home where is commonly used for a large playground or even a secret room. Attic actually has charm and warmth, so it’s potentially used for other functional rooms such as bedrooms, home offices, dressing rooms, walk-in closets, and even


Have A Dream House with Favorite Interiors? 10 Best Interiors Will Inspire You

modern industrial workspace barely red brick wall raw concrete ceilings wood floors black leather chair glass working table

Sometimes we need to redecorate our home to get a fresh and new nuance in home, but before doing this, there are some important things you need to consider such as budget and space availability, personal style, and preference. Talking about the redecorating home, you can do it fully or not.


Cool Masculine Interior Ideas That Visually Bring Modern Updates for Men’s Rooms

matte black walls and bedding treatment wood floors wooden bedside table with round top

Sometimes we want to change the basic interiors to get a fresh and new ones, but we’re hardly to decide what the best style for our home. From a wide of interior design options, cool masculine design is just one of most recommended one since it’s rarely used in current


Watercolor Art Finds for Interiors of Home

versatile dresser in chic vintage look

Just few people know about the splash art commonly made of watercolor. Like other common art kinds, the watercolor splash art delivers beauty and uniqueness. We don’t have to go to gallery to find this art because the watercolor splash art can be a practical artwork in home design and


Floors On Trend 2019, Vinyl Be The Most Favorite

timber like vinyl flooring for modern bathroom

Are you looking for the tiles to revive your floors? You need to consider the best tile products to coat your home’s base and also think about the different finish for different rooms in your home because each room has different type of tiles to lay in. Wooden floors is


10 Creative Subway Tile Installations for Kitchens and Bathrooms

step ladder patterned subway tile backsplash

Some come in and some other come out from the trend and subway tile is one of tile kinds that make a comeback in these years. Now this kind of tile is available in more various color, shape, and size. Subway tiles are also dynamic in patterns and vibrant in


Tricks To Panel Up The Walls with Wood Wall Cladding That Can Add Texture & Dimension

white wood wall panelling claw foot bathtub with black finish dark wood plank floors

Do you feel there is a lack of dimension and texture on your home’s walls? Probably wall cladding ideas will be your best solution. Making wall visually interesting and stylish, it’s not easy but being my obsession for years. We all know that there are so many trends for walls,


10 Minimalist Bedroom Designs That Adorably Make Yours Uncluttered & Simple

midcentury modern bed frame with headboard tiny floor lamp in black milo colored duvet cover blue bed linen

Dislike the cluttered and messy bedroom? We’ve collected some ideas of minimalist bedroom to inspire you. The ideas come in a wide range of styles, starting from industrial to chic ones including a range choice of simple color hues to help you when starting the bedroom remodel project. If you


Contemporary Bohemian Interior Decor: Showcasing Lots of Layers of Hues, Patterns, and Textures But Still Clean & Minimalist

Bohemian runner with geometric patterns chair with pillows rustic wood bed frame multicolored pillows with pom pom decorattions

Contemporary Bohemian is slightly like a contemporary style with some additional values like the layers of colors, patterns, and fabrics that visually can add unique look and character. Here, I’ll try to collect and to share several best of contemporary Bohemian interior ideas specifically taken from Pinterest. The ideas come