Black and White Living Room Furniture Ideas, The Recommendations for Beautiful Bold & Contrasting Look in Living Room

contemporary & formal living room black leather formal sofas gray area rug clean lined round top center table in white dark wood board floors

Black and white always creates a contrast and bold statement. Their contrast even makes them beautiful and stunning among other interior pieces. This is the reason why most people love these color schemes and keep using them as the primary part of their lovely home. There are so many ways


Stained Glass Chandelier Products, The Best Options for Fun but Visually Warming Glows

stained glass chandelier with turning bowls like lampshades and dark finish metal support & chain

I can say that it isn’t easy to decorate homes with stained glass chandelier. It must be so challenging to mix and match the light fixture with the ‘landscape’ of home decor. When you introduce this kind of glorious light fixture into your home, it possibly becomes a focal point


Asian Homes, Bring Inspiring Asian Architectural Signatures to Every Space of Your Home

Bali inspired bathroom design textural gray walls with recessed shelves small sized outdoor pool small wooden bench sea grass limestone floors

Asia becomes one of best destinations to vacation. There are a lot of places recommended to visit. Not only about the beauty of nature, but we can also enjoy other aspects owned by Asian like their social life, a great history, and architecture. Well, talking about Asian architecture, it has


Modern Glass Stair Railing Designs, The Best Alternatives for Light & See-Through Effect

modern staircase with oak steps glass panels with black steel banisters

Commonly, stair railings are always made of steel, solid wood, or wrought iron. These kinds of material of course give conventional appearance, and most people today seem getting bored about that. They want something different, unique, and special when having a plan to remodel the existed stair railing. This case


Great Ideas of Brown and Gray Living Room for Modern-Designed Homes

simple modern living room in grey grey mid century modern sofa modern floor lamps with black lampshades mid century modern chair and tables white shag rug

When you’re figuring out brown and gray, probably you’ll see they look so boring and old. Most people may think these two color schemes are boring and don’t wanna make them as the primary schemes for their loved things, including home. But actually, it will be differently interesting if we


Tan Living Rooms: Inspirations of Warming & Inviting Home Projects

warm & inviting tan living room idea dark brown painted wall color artistic wall art standard fireplace white window shutters mirrored cube tables light cream couch dark brown chairs medium toned wood

A particular scheme can actually create good mood and positive vibe for most homeowners. It can be implemented in any rooms, including the living room where you can bring those feelings while welcoming and entertaining your guests. With such a good feeling, of course your guests can also feel the


Feel Natural Vibe in Your Private Bathroom with These Trendy Bamboo Bathrooms

master bathroom in Asian style bamboo finishing cabinets hardwood bathroom vanity oval bathtub with bamboo accent

Bamboo is one of flooring ideas exposing stylish, attractive, and versatile for homes. It comes in many options of design and color. It also gives special character to rooms and adds natural & warm feel. Bamboo is also used by most interior designers for creating Asian themes to rooms. Bathroom


Inspiring Wall-Mounted Kitchen Table Options, Not Only Practical & Space-Efficient, But Also Uniquely Stylish

contemporary kitchen design wall mounted wood table black wallpaper with flower motifs wooden floors wooden countertop white cabinets flat panel upper cabinets

Some people love unusual things and if you are the one that loves something unique or unusual, I think it’s so challenging if you try to start redecorating your home. Just begin with the room you love the most or the space where you’re more active doing your hobby. Kitchen,


Ten Modern Concrete Hardscape Applications for Homes

midcentury modern exterior idea concrete stepstones in rectangular shape wood siding exterior wall wood arbors secured by ceilings

The outdoor and home landscape becomes the areas that need to care of, especially if we love spending our spare time outside. To make these areas ‘cleaner’ from bushes and weeds, concrete hardscape becomes one of best alternatives. There are some benefits of implementing concrete hardscape floorings. One of them


10 Ideas of Bamboo Daybed for Indoor & Outdoor

light blue bamboo daybed with canopy and fabric for shade blue mattress throw pillows

Bamboo is unique material for any furnishings. It offers a signature look and texture that probably will never find in other materials. Bamboo can also be used as an instant natural approach to your home, so it’s suggested to do remodeling some furnishings into such adorable bamboo furniture Bamboo daybed