Odd but Gorgeous, These Are Recommended Staircase Designs that can Make Your Guest Impressed

simple and ultra modern staircase in yellow yellow wall accent light wood floors

Staircase is the important part of home. It’s not only the bride that connects one room to another, but also it’s the first that ‘welcome’ your guests when coming to your entryway. With this role, staircase seems to deserve well-decorated as perfect as other parts of interiors. Starting from the


Light & Natural-Schemed Apartment by Nazar Tsymbaliuk You Can Instantly Get Inspired

modern minimalist living room with ultra light gray sectional round wood shaped coffee tables flat woven area rug textured hard concrete walls in light tone

Choosing light and natural-toned apartment sometimes becomes the perfect way to pursuit a peaceful, calm, and relaxed feeling during spending the days of life, and we can get such a wonderful feeling simply through our living space we’ve chosen, and Nazar Tsymbaliuk gave us inspirations of light and natural-schemed apartments


Creative Ways to Upcycle The Abandoned Oil Drums Optimally by Trying Out These Inspiring DIY Oil Drum Furniture Ideas

DIY oil drum bedside table in black a pile of books brick wallpapers wood floors

It’s amazing to see that we actually have creativity and skill to produce something useful and visually interesting simply from abandon, unattractive, and rejected objects. With little mastery and tool assistance, new DIY products arise. Oil barrel, for example, can be transformed into incredible pieces of furniture like chairs, coffee


Adoptable Loft Inspirations for A Practical and Bigger-Space Visual Effect

modern industrial loft workspace with industrial piping system for book shelves midcentury modern working chair area rug with geometric patterns

Loft is commonly used to refer to the part of upper attic or storey of homes, meaning that it’s the space under the roofs. Today, many people prefers this kind of living space to traditional ones as it’s more practical, adaptable open-space, and low budget. Even, most of loft apartments


Coral Pink Inspirations for More Vivid & Naturally Bold Interior Look

window curtains with coral flower motifs wooden reclining chair

Coral pink means vibrant, warm, and fresh. This kind of color hue represents cheerfulness and vivid beauty inspired by living coral in the ocean. Coral pink becomes the color of the year (2019) that also indirectly balances the color trends of digital world like black, white, and silver. Coral allows


Greatest Current Architecture Designs You’ll Get Inspired

ultra modern lake house architecture design

Latest house architecture in modern day commonly delivers unusual design both for interiors and exteriors. A lot of architects have presented their great art of architectures that now are implemented for many constructions, including the private living space. Even, many of them put an eco-friendly concept as the priority in


What’s New on Wayfair UK?

high profile side table with round top and hairpin legs

Go online now and check what’s new on Wayfair UK. In this final week, there are some fantastic products you’ll never miss and these products of course are well-designed, stylish, and functional. Really want to know what products Wayfair have for this week? Just join us to see them in


Accent Sofa Designs Effortlessly Leveling Up Your Living Space Value

Scandinavian sofa in soft pink with wooden frame unique coffee table made from light wood artsy painting arts

Make your guests impressed and comfortable simple with these accent sofas. You got a lot of accent sofa designs and they’re available online. You just need to pick up some that are the best and fit your home and personal style. Available in huge various colors, designs, materials, and finishes.


Fabulous Accent Chairs You’ll Love to Furnish Your Dream Home

midcentury modern accent chair with floral prints vividly red floor lamp in modern style

There are many ways to make any sitting areas look more stylish; one of them is by furnishing the space with the accent chair. You have so many options of accent chair designs and you can afford them via online or just shop directly in furniture showrooms near by. Here


Contemporary Boho Glams You Can’t Miss

floor bed with soft pink quilt cover dusty pink curtains with decorative pompoms

Today, I’m so excited to showcase my favorite home decor style, contemporary Boho, and I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Brighton Homes that has shared so many inspiring ideas on Pinterest page. Maybe the contemporary Boho becomes one of most popular decor styles today and many people choose it