Get Lighter and Airier Feel with These Greatest Mute Color Palette Decor Ideas

yellowish splash of color on wall minimalist furniture set white potted houseplants

Home decorating ideas with muted color palettes mean you prefer light and neutral color palettes applied in the most interior parts including furnishing pieces, facade, and accessories. With a good balance, muted color elements – which commonly consist of pale wood colors/ timbers, pastels, and gentle textural colors – can


Home Decorating Trend 2018: Color, Furniture, Tile, and Finish You Need to Inspire

vividly yellow window shutter bright green chair with wood structure blue side table with round top

Home decorating trends – It always feel fun when talking about the home decorating trends that’s gonna be useful and easily make us inspired with especially when we’re having home re-decorating project this year. There are a lot of trends we should follow, starting from finishes, colors, tiles, color paints,


Hottest Interior Trends for Fall & Winter 2018 You Should Get Inspired

embroidery duvet cover set with textured surface light wood bed frame with headboard wood bedside table decorative woven wool wall art

When winter comes, re-decorating the home is hardly to do. After enjoying the warm days during summer and being inspired by the beauty we’ve got along the summer, now we’re finally to get ready to hibernate while the temperature drops slowly. Of course we need to prepare everything starting from


500-Square-Feet Apartment Tour: Look Inside What Inspiring Interiors Better You Don’t Miss

little greenery on white pot hairpin leg side table with round wood top wall mounted lamp black white pillowcase broken white pillowcase dominant black blanket

Yes, it must be a small space when we’re talking about a 500-square-feet apartment, but when we’re stepping inside, all interiors are amazingly large-look than what we expect. We’re glad because we had an opportunity to join a 500-square-foot apartment tour in Williamsburg, and what we’ve got that day, now


Ten Homiest Reading Nook Ideas Book Maniacs Will Fall in Love

midcentury modern chair and table in too light pink white bookshelves black framed animal photographies

Fancy reading nook of course is set as theĀ  homiest spot for book maniacs and they surely want to have the best one in their home. A reading nook means the most completed space where it should provide not only the coziest place to ‘enjoy’ all favorite books, but also


These Table Decoration Ideas You’ll Want to Pick Up for A Chic Thanksgiving

decorative white pumpkins with strings of dried small fruits clear glass for candles mustard table cover with flower prints

Still have no ideas how to find a special decoration for Thanksgiving? Just start from the basic one: the table where we put all delish foods and beverages for the blessed November day. There are so many options of Thanksgiving table decorations but it’s essential to choose the perfect one


Experts Agree: Want to Try A Small Decorating Process? Start from Your Throw Pillows

reading nook nearest fireplace layers of throw pillows with various colors and prints white throw blanket woven basket for storage

Decorating a home with throw pillows seems to be a little part of decorating process, but it could bring huge impact, especially for improve the value of home. Throw pillows you involve aren’t always fluffy, but decorative and comfortable (visually & functionally). When they come to bedroom, seating corner, living


Shop These Coffee Tables for Charming & Inviting Living Room

origami like coffee table with lightweight base and bright marble top

Selecting a coffee table seems like an easy, but actually it’s important to re-think about it. Make sure that the chosen product fits your needs and personal taste. Besides, when you’re shopping the best coffee table for your living room, there are some things you need to consider. The size,


Basic Decor Commonly Notice in Most Italian Homes

Italian style living room area rug with big red roses prints Italian glass chandelier higher glass windows with fabric shutters

We may say that Italians have highest taste of style, including the way they decorate home. All interiors, exteriors, and architectures are factually impressive and we want share some to make you impressive too. From one of favorite designers, we’re so worried if you want to fall in love with


Boho-Chic: A Great Choice for Characterful and Modern Homes

modern entryway idea vintage runner streamlined wood bench with colorful throw pillows hanging wall arts light wood floors

Boho home decor idea becomes one of most unique ideas for some people who really love layers of colors, patterns, greens, fabrics, textures, etc that effectively contribute in adding a distinctive character to their home. Yes, it’s a choice whether you get interest to use this home decor idea entirely