11 Attractive Ideas of Bohemian Bathroom that Most People Will Adore

Bohemian look bathroom vintage bathroom cabinet with vintage mirror ethnic entrance carpet ethnic door curtain in red a couple of pedestal sinks subway tiled walls in white red tiled floors

Bohemian style doesn’t have to be limited only to primary rooms like the living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. It’s possibly used in some secondary rooms including the bathrooms; but to achieve the optimal Bohemian look in your bathroom, you need to put all decor pieces in right proportion. Some


Inspiring Designs of Modern Indoor Pool for Homes

mid century modern indoor pool lower oak enclosure and glass windows

It must be more enjoyable to swim in indoor pool than the outdoor pool as it provides a full relaxation and privacy without worrying about the bad weathers or other unexpected conditions possibly disturbing our hobby. Modern indoor pool now becomes the most favorite option due to its stylish, minimalist,


Ten Best Ideas of Modern Garden Shed for Storage Solution and Potting Needs

modern greenhouse shed with large glass windows and operable upper windows

Garden shed becomes the best solution to keep all gardening tools and equipment are well-stored with personal style. This small construction is usually built in the backyard or the area nearest the garden. Actually, there are many ways to optimize this spot for more interesting and functional construction, and here


Ten Ideas of Modern Farmhouse Potentially Impress Us

white modern farmhouse exterior with large glass windows and door

Modern farmhouse designs are interesting to pick if you’re really interested in something classic and barns in your home. Unlike the conventional farmhouses, modern farmhouse has been modified by adding modern touch to the architecture, exterior, interior, furniture, or even just the material and tone used. Fortunately, I’ve collected ten


Get Inspired with These Ten Gorgeous Gray and White Living Room Ideas

contemporary living room idea gray wall color large glass windows purely white couches log top coffee table with mertal legs tuscan area rug dark wood floors

Gray and white living room looks nice for any home designs. It offers light, airy, and simple visualization and fits other kinds of interior accessories and furnishings. These light and neutral color schemes is also the best primary tone option especially if you want to make it as a background


10 Inspiring Ideas of Contemporary Exterior House for Trendiest Living Space

clean look contemporary exterior with glass windows and door siding roof white brick hardscaping idea

Contemporary exterior house is now becoming one of most favorite options for meeting the current trend of home design and architecture. Commonly, this kind of style can be obviously started from the exterior house and landscaping idea that directly accessed from the outside. Actually, the main concept of contemporary exterior


Best Ten Ideas of Wrought Iron Furniture for Outdoor

modern balcony idea black wrought iron railings black wrought iron outdoor furniture gray wood decking floors

Wrought iron furniture is currently common to find in any homes. The furniture comes in many variants of design that can be selected personally for both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Most wrought iron furniture sets are designed for outdoor as they’re durable and more resistant toward extreme weathers, but


Ten Ideas of Adorable Recliner Chairs that Provide Comfort and Style

mustard modern recliner chair with feet recliner feature

The furniture industry now provides so many various products of furniture including a lot of single piece of furnishing like the recliner chair. This means, we have a choice whether we just want to buy a single piece of chair or overall set of furniture for living room or other


10 Inspiring Light Fixtures Over the Dining Table for More Attractive Dining Nooks

contemporary dining space trendy & creative chandelier white marble dining room with round top wood dining chairs with black leather seats

It must be perfect to have a dining moment with well-lighted dining space. Light for dining space is definitely crucial as it provides a good lighting effect for overall space including the area over the dining table. The light fixture over the dining table exactly helps us to visually see


Black and White Bedding Ideas for Classic but Stylish Bedrooms

contemporary kids bedroom design black wall color with custom letter neons striped black white bedding striped black white area rug yellow finish bedside tables

Black and white combination is classic. This neutral color combination serves a solid and contrasting tone that’s perfect for any styles of decors and textures. When using this color combination into your most private area like your bedroom, it might feel stunning and daunting. It will really work if you