Cute and Sweet Baby Girl Bedroom Themes

When you talk about themes of baby girl bedroom, you may think of pink color around the room. However, there are many themes and color themes that can work well for your little ones. You can choose more fresh color. Paint the room with brown, green, purple, and white or the combination of colors. It is better to choose soft colors because it will give comfortable, warm, and relaxed atmosphere in the room. You can also decorate the room with canopy, baby dolls, or cute pillows. Here are some ideas and examples of cute baby girl bedroom themes from Alliantathome.

For brown theme, you can combine it with pink color to give a sweet and nice room for the baby. The pink color can be the wooden crib and the changing table. If you choose mocha color of the wooden crib with canopy, you can paint the wall with medium aquamarine color. To make it easier, create a storage and changing table as a part of the wooden crib.

Purple themes also can beautify your baby’s room. You can combine it with pink color, or other purple color with different saturation. Using soft purple or lavender and different pink saturation such as rose, candy, magenta, and fuchsia will make the room look sweet and cute.

You also can paint the wall with natural scenery such as trees, green hill, and blue sky. Combining the dark brown wooden crib with white chair for nursery and ottoman will make the room feel calm, sweet, and fresh. There are more ideas of baby girl bedroom themes, in which you can see them in below pictures.


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