Great Baby Nursery That will make You Say ‘Wow!’

Welcoming your first baby is an exciting moment for every mom. Then, you start to worry about all the preparation needed including the nursery. If you want to get inspiration for the design, or you already have your design but you need a new fresh idea for the furniture or color, we give you numerous beautiful and trendy nursery designs. Take your time to take a look at some pictures below.

Starting from the wall, solid pattern can be boring if you do not attach any wall decoration. On the other hand, wall decoration can cost you a couple of bucks. You can install wallpaper with fun pattern, such as animals or flowers, in only one wall or in all sides. However, if you decide to decorate the wall, you can place art works containing images, words, or numbers to help your baby develops well.

You can also hanging one or two clothes as the accessories for unique yet cheap wall decoration. Besides the wall, the ceiling has the same important role in your baby’s improvement because he/she will look up in much time. You can draw some patterns or pictures on the ceiling, or attach glow-in-the-dark accessories.

Nursery can be occupied until your baby reaches five years old. Therefore, you may spend much time in that room more than you are expected. Choosing comfortable armchair then becomes an essential item that you must have inside the nursery. Moreover, getting oversize stuffed animal doll is a good idea because it can entertain him/her as his/her friend for a long period; besides, it becomes a cute room accessory.

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