Brilliant Ideas for Backyard Divider to Keep Your Privacy

A backyard is usually used as a fun gathering spot for your family, especially in a good weather. Sometimes, your neighbor can see what activity you do if you only have a low fence or wall, and of course it bothers your privation. Even though you are close to your neighbor, but there is always a time when you does not want to say hi to your neighbor or being seen. Therefore, the correct choice of extra backyard divider is necessary.

Several backyard dividers can be seen in this article and you can choose the best privacy solution that fits with your preference. The first divider is freestanding display panels. Lot of you may expect that seclusion screen is boring or unattractive, but if you place it in the right place, and create it with appealing design and good material, it will add aesthetic value in your backyard.

The second type is wood or metal trellis. Tall vertical trellis or arched trellis can block your neighbor’s view even if from the two-story room. Moreover, this natural partition gives fresh and beautiful touch for your backyard. Cheerful orange clock vine, variegated ivy, jasmine, espalier shrub, and Ligustrum are some plant options that can be used as the trellis cover.

Another good selection is a wood slat wall that can be combined with concrete wall. With its great height, you do not need to worry about your private time. in addition, if you already have a patio or pergola, you can attach outdoor curtains. It is a very flexible choice because you can open and close it easily. Last, if you want to add unique style, you can use bamboo fence. It gives oriental yet natural feel for your backyard.


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