Bar Designs for Home Basements

A basement is often used as storage. Due to its location under the main building, a basement is often under-used room. Now, man cave popularity has changed basement use. In this modern era, most basements are used as functional room like basement bar. Although you need extra cost to alter an under-used basement into a great basement bar, you will be so satisfied with the result later. The result of finishing basement must be awesome. You will do it in stages by starting from the basic design to improving on features and aesthetics.

A finished basement that is going to use as a basement bar requires bar furniture such as bar table, barstools, mini kitchen island, storage system and so on. Seen from the style of design, there are several bar designs for home basements. The designs are building in modern or contemporary, rustic, classic, country, and minimalist style.

Each style of bar design for home basement exposes special differences. Rustic style, for instance, shows natural element as the main construction and interior features. Log or timbers are often used as the main parts of rustic basement bar. Bar furnishing is also dominated by wood or other natural elements (like natural stones).

Classic and minimalist bar designs for home basements is totally in contrast. Classic style pays in detail (for structure and physic appearance like motifs/ prints, colors, etc), while minimalist style is so identical with simplicity and elegance. A minimalist basement bar is simple in color, design, furniture option, and layout / setting. To see the obvious differences among the styles of bar designs for home basements, here we share some basement bar designs in various styles.


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