Stylish Basement Apartment Ideas with Modern and Chic Styles

Basement apartment is becoming hottest trend recently because it is often designed in small spaces yet it can have more function in one place. With a small spaces, basement apartment usually elaborate bedroom, kitchen, and working space in a harmonious combination which make its occupant feel comfortable. If you plan to own a basement apartment, you can find several basement apartment ideas that come in stylish design which will attract many people’s attention.

The most essential factor in designing a great basement apartment is related to its style. You can choose modern or chic styles which are popular in the world of home decorating ideas. Modern style emphasizing the function of the space so that it will only features the most essential furniture.

This style is also known for its clean-lined furnishing which features vibrant color that becomes the main interest. Moreover, modern basement apartment can be designed with earthy shades such as green and yellow that can ad the artistic tone to the wall decals.

Rather different with modern style, chic basement apartment bravely features colorful backdrop to the room. Bright color with cheerful scheme presented in the room to boost your mood. Chic style doesn’t mean that you can’t have natural feel, you can still place potted vegetation in the corner of the room or you can decorate your basement by adding fresh element such as hard wooden table that can bring jungle theme to your chic room.


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