Basement Lighting Ideas

There are many ideas of basement remodels you can choose and apply for your basement. Mini bar basement, entertainment room, media room, game room, home fitness center, kids’ play ground, home office, and even family room are some great ideas of basement remodels usually chosen by most homeowners. But remember that a basement does not have any windows or doors that become the access for natural light outside. That’s why, before remodeling your basement, you must consider the best basement lighting ideas as one of the most important thing when you are getting start of renovating your existing or building a new basement.

Talking more about the basement lighting ideas, there are several optional basement lighting ideas. Here are the details of those lighting ideas. First idea is track lighting. It is quite easy to install and does not take up the wall and floor space. It’s also so flexible. The idea shows the combination of pendant fixture and spot fixtures. Each type of lighting fixture offers special and different beauty of lighting. A pendant fixture is able to create the ambient lighting, while spot fixtures give special accent lighting. The most beneficial thing of applying track lighting idea is that it lets you to change the basement’s design or function easily without re-changing the lighting fixtures.

Second idea is pendant lighting fixtures. These fixtures are installed from ceiling and hung hover over the area needing the illumination. But, pendant lamps are typically used as shed lighting for a dining table, sitting area, and desk. Their designs seem to be more functional as the task lighting and ambient lighting.

Third idea of basement lighting is recessed can lighting. It becomes the great option for a basement with suspended or finished ceiling. The lighting fixtures are so bright and focused light to particular area as well. They’re perfect option for dining, seating, and crafting rooms because their bright light can minimize the glare and shadows. Actually there are more options of basement lighting ideas. Below are the details.


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