Basement Shelving Ideas

Basement area is often used as best alternative of storage space. To keep the ornaments, clothing/ garments, and other items well organized, you need easy-access and practical storage system placed in your basement. One of most recommended storage systems for basement is basement shelving idea. Basement shelving idea is great choice as it has double functional purpose: as decorative display furniture as well as practical storage unit.

There are several types of basement shelving ideas selected by most people today. First type is shelving unit with/ under the stairs. This type is commonly made from similar material with the stairs. To support its durability and strength, shelving unit under/ with stairs are built from solid, firm, and tough material like high quality wood. If you use wood as the main material of building the shelves, it is a must for you to cover the whole parts of wooden shelves with anti-moisture staining. We all know that basement is higher in moisture level than other spots of home.

Another type of basement shelving unit is built-in shelving. This type is best choice for displaying items you want to show them off. They are commonly integrated with cabinetry. Contrast to shelving unit, cabinet is used as best storage for personal items you want to hide and keep them safely.

Basement shelving ideas united with built-in entertainment center becomes next good choice. Basement shelves beside the staircase are next option storage system you can applied in your basement. And the final reference of basement shelving ideas is floating shelving system. Such type is typically selected for small or limited basement space. Now, what type do you like?


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