Basic Decor Commonly Notice in Most Italian Homes

Italian style living room area rug with big red roses prints Italian glass chandelier higher glass windows with fabric shutters Villa Feltrinelli

We may say that Italians have highest taste of style, including the way they decorate home. All interiors, exteriors, and architectures are factually impressive and we want share some to make you impressive too. From one of favorite designers, we’re so worried if you want to fall in love with these masterpieces that really meet the current trends but still put the classic architecture.

White marble means so Italian and it’s commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. Just small portions of white marble are used for furniture. White marble gives clean and minimalist look – a most-recommended for modern kitchen/ bathroom settings.

The mirror is taken from 15th century and reproduced today. With shabby metal frame and classic design, this antique has easily made an instant statement. In more details, we’ll find the artful frames hung by old ribbons – a perfect piece for classic Italian touches.

Italians are also the leaders of furniture and interior items. They are so genius in designing or just selecting the pieces of furniture with root of history but feel modern. Sometimes we’re used to find those with luxurious silky floral or velvet covers.

Tiles with patterns also become the next signature of Italian decor idea. They are the basic of Italian architectures for centuries. Luckily, all tiles are affordable and can be applied for both modern and traditional homes.

Italian dramatic statement: indoor trees. Little bit different from the houseplants, the indoor trees are much bigger, so they’re easily stunning. A bigger indoor tree, a better it is.

This is called a midcentury-modern Italia decor idea, and the most popular item here is Lady Chair. The chair has curvy armrests on both side and been covered with jewel-color velvet.

Glass chandelier grabs everyone’s eyes and this is showcasing the most original Italian value. This light source is available in classic and contemporary designs.

Large-prints rug can also be one of famous staples of Italian decor idea. In this living room, the prints of red roses dominate the base of interior – creating a direct statement even though there are lots of visual distractions in this room. The color choice on both base and top areas also brings much warmth and elegance.

Stained glass windows and artistic classic paintings in ‘sky’ – most recognized staples of classic Italian decor. This package also commonly features artful craftsmanship we can find in most Italian mirrors’ frames, lighting’s stands, etc.

Yes, Italian decor is identical with many details of shape, texture, design, pattern, and neutral-warm hues. We’ve found all this in this luxurious entryway-living room.

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