Basket Weave Carpet: Good Choice for Good Floor Style

Basket weave carpet is one of interesting carpet patterns which is made from different carpet materials. Like its name, basket weave carpet patterns have the similar patterns to weave patterns of baskets. The basket weave carpet patterns offer new accent to your home. They are available in many categories.

The categories are the basket weave carpet rolls and wall to wall basket weave carpets. This kind of carpets is provided in many options of designs of weave patterns, colors, and materials. The options of colors begin at neutral tones to bright tones (from light grey to orange).

The pattern designs of basket weave carpet products consist of many selections (web point, spendido, Wicker, Chrome, and Panama). Each has different mark and weaves patterns. If you are interesting in having such kind of carpet, you can see the samples of product next after this article.

You can apply it in any room you want, except the wet areas such as bathroom, indoor mini garden with artificial pond, and other wet areas. Basket weave carpets are perfect to set down in living room, bedroom, family room, and other rooms providing much comfort. To beautify the room with this decorative and unique-patterns carpet is not the only one purpose of applying the carpet, but this carpet also give you the protection from cool air when the winter or rainy days come. Here are some designs of basket weave carpet you can choose.


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