Choosing the Right Bathroom Color Scheme To Show Your Excellent Taste

I’m more than sure that decorating a new bathroom is challenging yet it is fun to do because we can personalize the decoration with what we are always wanted. Whether it is small or large space, your bathroom should reflect your personality. Then, you can show it by choosing the right color scheme for your bathroom. Below are several interesting color schemes that you should try before change your bathroom appearance.

Red and White
The combination of red and white will invite sexiness feeling because red represents romantic atmosphere which of course makes your bathroom look extravagant. Meanwhile, white represents cleanness which is needed for a small bathroom to look larger.

White and Pale Blue
If you want to pop vintage idea to your bathroom, choosing pale blue with the appearance of white accent. Moreover, with the adornment of vintage mirror on the wall and also natural light from crystal chandelier, your bathroom will transform into wonderful classic style.

Black and White
The combination of black and white is very popular because it can create simple yet elegant atmosphere to a small bathroom. Moreover, black and white is the most versatile color scheme that will be suitable with other decorative element such as floating shelves.


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