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Sensational White Blue Bathroom Color Trend With Indoor Plant And Wlal Lamps And Yellowish White Bathtub And Honeycomb Flooring
Gorgeos Aquatic Bathroom Color Trend With Large Concrete Bathtub And Green Ottoman And White Vanity And Doorless Shower
Elegant Soft Blue Bathroom Color Trend With Freestanding White Bathtub And Black Iron Table With Glass Window And Round Wall Mirror
Stunning Soft Green Bathroom Trend Color With Freestanding Double White Vanity With Framed Wall Mirror And Towel Rack
Gorgeous White And Blue Bathroom Color Trend With Green Succulent Planters And White Brick Wall And Tile Vanity
Adorable Red Bathroom  Color Trend With Floating Minimalist Vanity Idea And Tile Flooring And Painted Mirror
Contemporary Bathroom
Adorable White Gray Bathroom Color Trend Idea With Freestanding Vanity And Wall Frame Target
Vintage Bathroom Design With White Color Trend And Luxurious Bathtub And Wooden Flooring And Ceiling
Genius Brown Bathroom Color Trend With Freestanding Vanity And Sun Framed Wall Mirror And Toiletries Cabinet

2015 is meeting its end, and 2016 is going days ahead. I wonder, what kind of fashion trend that will empower the next year. It is just so much fun to get through all year with boho chic character, so it must be someting calm or even more playful to make the upcoming year more alive. Not only your wardrobe even interior like living room that needs to be touched gently, but your bathroom has already missed you anyway. Therefore, there is no time to wait even longer, you need to paint your bathroom with the best color trend for 2016!

Memorizing the joy of the previous year is not a mistake, and a vintage bathroom idea becomes a perfect choice. It is not that cheap vintage bathroom idea, the detail is so adorable with rustic wooden ceiling and flooring. To soak your body in the luxurious white tub leads you to feel the nuance of the past decades!

Furthermore, you can enjoy the cheerful tone of red painted bathroom idea. actually, you can prefer to use red tile rather than traditional paint. Together with its red floral pattern applied, the nuance is just gorgeous. You can adore the white mirrored closet before the transparent glass door bathtub!

Unique combination of white, aquatic blue and green in a bathroom displays brand new blend nuance in the perfect detail. The wall is so stunning in its stylish white brick accent, and the bathtub is undeniably fascinating with patterned aquatic blue color while the green succulent planter on the wall keeps teasing every single eye!


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