Create Tidy Kids’ Bedroom with Creative Storage

Kids’ bedroom is always messy with lots of toys lying on the floor. It takes much time to clean the room every day and of course, it is annoying and tiring activity. However, this problem can be solved if you have a unique storage that your kids love to tidy up after make such mess. Forget about usual drawers or cupboards, you just need to take some ideas below.

The first idea is to maximize the space inside their closet. The closet usually has leftover space at the back, especially for a baby or young child because they have fewer clothes than the grown-up child. You can add wall mounted boxes that give an attractive yet simple additional storage for shoes and trousers. If your kids love reading, wall mounted bookshelves above their beds can store their favorite books with easy access. The bookshelf does not must having conventional shape. If you want to create unique setting, you can install an S-line or even zigzag shaped bookshelves.

Your kids’ beds can also be a creative storage. If you have loft beds, you can make a storage place underneath the beds. On the other hand, if there is only one bed in your kids’ room, make the space behind the bed as storage that is also functioned as headboard instead of just placing the bed against the wall. The creative storage can also be obtained with open shelving unit. Rather than hiding all toys and dolls, you can display all the items as colorful wall decoration. Your kids will be happy because they can keep their toys in a fun and effortless way.

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