Top 7 Bedside Water Carafe Set

Bedside water carafe set is practical since it helps you keep hydrated and offers a little luxury into your bedside style. Here are some bedside water carafe set that will help you on your nightstand: Rhinebeck Carafe with Tumbler, Cora Carafe, Bedside Carafe and Tumbler in Aqua, French Decanter, Azul Bedside Carafe, Recycled Bedside Carafe and Drinking Glass, and EZQUE Off Pitcher and Cup.

For Rhinebeck Carafe with Tumbler, it will turn your nightstand into a small party with its color and pattern. Whereas, the design of Cora Carafe is very simple and modern with hand-blown and straight as soldier. It also has 10” tall. The next is Bedside Carafe and Tumbler in Aqua. This is also simple and modern design with elegant color. Your nightstand will look nicer with this water carafe. French Decanter is not only for water but also for wine. Therefore, it can be used in your bedroom or dining room. The design is modern and stylish. You can also pile up the glasses of this carafe set.

Another bedside water carafe set are Azul Bedside Carafe and Recycled Bedside Carafe and Drinking Glass. Azul bedside carafe has a unique design because of its great apothecary shape with nice color. You will also see the tiny bubbles caught in the glass. While Recycled Bedside Carafe and Drinking Glass has solid and square design, which recycled from automobile glass and bottles. The other is ESQUE Off Pitcher and Cup. This carafe has a unique design with a matching cup to keep the water inside the carafe clean from the dust.

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