Various Choices of Best Basement Flooring

Basement flooring, only some people who have this kind of floor at their home. since, this basement flooring is not too important for some person. However, the people who like to have basement floor think that this basement floor is sometimes needed. Do you have a basement floor at your home? if you do, you need to pay attention to its floor design. There are so many basement floor design that can be applied.

Generally, basement floor is just the same as the common floor. You still can apply the same floor concepts as the upper floor design. For example, you can see in the picture there is a floor with wooden tiles concept. This wooden floor is also nice for basement floor. Moreover, if you have traditional basement which uses wood stuffs building, it will be matched with the floor.

Perhaps, you do not like classic floor, and you may like the soft one. In this case, you might be better to apply soft carpet tiles design. This soft carper is similar to tiles shape with several colors decoration. This carpet floor is also perfect for basement floor design. Thus, this carpet tile is thicker and comfortable. Unlike the other carpet tile showed in the picture which only uses thin plastic material. These both carpet tiles are different, the soft carpet tile absorbs water so it is quite difficult when it gets wet, white the plastic carpet does not absorb water so when it gets wet, it easy to drain it.

You may have kids who like play around the basement. You would rather apply puzzle floor that can be installed one by one. This puzzle flooring has beautiful coloring design like red, gree, blue, yellow, and etc. This flooring is made of plastic so it is difficult to be wet. There is also other floor basement concept which uses marble look design. This amazing flooring has blue water coloring. So, when you stand up on the floor, it is like you are standing up on water.


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