Best Featured Rattan Hanging Chair Designs Based on 91 Magazine

hanging egg chair made from rattan with cushion addition Pinterest

I’m happy to share all designs, including the furniture’s designs, posted on my favorite site, 91 Magazine. All shared designs are so inspiring; and today I want to give the favorite mark to some hanging chairs featured in 91 Magazine. Hanging chair becomes the best alternative to style and to provide the coziest ‘nest’ for curling up while reading the favorite books or just enjoying the sunny day with cocktail drink in your hand.

It’s a great idea to add another seat nearest your bay window. The hanging chair can be an accent seat when you need different angle from your seat to look out your garden.

Hanging chair surely adds a unique feature to any living room. It offers intimate and relaxing seat option for anyone, so it fits non-formal or casual living rooms where the family can gather in warm and homey nuance.

Pursuing the happiness is easy; just enjoy your days sitting in such a cozy hanging chair with favorite books on your hands. Make sure you’ve set the hanging chair in the best angle like this one.

Set your hanging chair as the focal point and functional seat as well. It’s potentially becoming the natural stunner in such a modern-minimalist room.

With a bit different design, Broste hanging chair offers a uniqueness we’ll never see on other hanging chair products. The frame is made from bigger rattan, so it’s firm and durable. Add the cushion or some throw pillows for more comfort.

Get more elegance in black. Blacks are always bold and can make a beauty in any interior. This black hanging chair, for example, looks better with something contradictive like this white shag cushion as the focal point.

Create your own ‘nest’ where you can relax and spend most of your time. This rattan hanging chair maybe your best option to get the coziest spot to curl up, to relax, and even to let time flies only with reading your favorite books in this seat. You can complement your hanging chair with such a simple tree-trunk side table and some medium-size houseplants for the vivid and natural statements.

Inspired by lovseats, this hanging chair can be a perfect spot for a couple who want to have their moments in backyard or outdoor areas. The chair is coated with macrame, definitely adding a modern Boho touch to this outdoor space. To make it more dramatic and more comfortable, add some throw pillows and a throw blanket to the chair. Some string lamps would be better to give accent lighting.

Shaped in bowl-like, this rattan hanging chair is so unique yet stylish. The design gives much of space to sit deeper, providing a perfect and cozy spot to ‘sink’ on it for hours. This can always be a statement in any rooms, including your bedroom.

Designed as one of the best lounge chairs, this hanging egg chair seems to float in this room; and always offers ultimate coziness in any sitting areas. Based on the design, this hanging chair is perfect for indoors or outdoors. Made from best-quality rattan, the chair offers good durability and style. Most interestingly, it’s sustainable, giving you a good chance to start an environment-friendly lifestyle.

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