Best Inspirations of Teenage Girls’ Bedroom with Rose Shades

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Each young girl surely has a dream bedroom where she can add everything she likes based on her personal lifestyle. The color shade is just one of considered things to give a personal touch and it’s commonly matched with the girl’s most favorite shades; and rose shades seem perfect choices for young girls’ room. See the ideas below to get more inspirations for you who haven’t a clue about how to make young girl’s dream comes true.

What a fancy! A girl’s room with rose shade discovered in headboard and sideboard of bed frame. I personally think that this color shade is sweet and gentle, really representing the girl’s young soul. Some ornate stars and moon mounted on walls make the space more sparkling. Overall, this is what the most girls dream on.

Rose shade can amazingly be collaborated with something fresh and vivid like the houseplant for a modern Boho touch. This would be perfect if we add white for clean and airy look.

Rose vines here give a floral touch that can visually refresh the space. They are also ornate pieces adding the textural color shade to this girl’s bedroom. It’s beautiful as if the rose vines are blooming in the bedroom.

What a lovely linen! A combination of pink and mustard here is helpful to create a blush girl’s bedroom. A stated rug with bold patterns clearly gives a textural tone, automatically saving the space from boring look.

Dusty pink always matches with any light color shades including white and worn-out shade like in this fringed area rug. This idea of course becomes an instant way to make the dusty pink stands out.

It’s sweet to combine pastels with a little portion of pink (found in the bed rug). They’re complete each other and surely add a dramatic beauty. The combination gives a feminine look as well.

Dusty pink featuring pastels. This is a genius idea because the colors look similar but actually they have different hues. I love the way designer adds gray and some bold patterns on wall decor; it’s helpful to add a textural tone.

The rose dust here is soft but earthy. It perfectly accentuates other color shades existing in this room (natural gray, white, and wood color).  Pinned edges and woven in linen here is the perfect charm, comfort, and style.

The blush pink always fits any other color hues including the natural hues and neutrals. Wood element found in the floors adds a natural contrast that can’t ruin the existing colors in this bedroom.

This pink shade is the perfect option for super-soft touch. Available in Calvin Klein, these linens offer ultra-comfort and charm at the same time.

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