Best Options of Distressed Brown Leather Sectionals for Shabby & Rustic Appeal

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Distressed brown leather sectionals are other alternative if you want to add something shabby and rustic to your house. Their visual appearance makes a special statement we never find in other furniture sets. They offer ultimate luxury and class by their distinctive scheme and material. Many people say that most numbers of distressed brown leather sectionals are worn-out, broken-in, but relaxed look. These values give them special character we’ll never see in other furnishing pieces.

Distressed brown leather sectionals reflect how users have a delicate taste of style that directly refers to their classy choice. Well, I try to share ten best of distressed brown leather sectional complete with a brief description. I wish these ideas give you new references and at least inspire you when gonna start to replace the old sectionals.

trendy living room distressed brown leather sectional white throw pillows shabby dark wood coffee table textured fabric rug in round shape black painted wall with handmade paintings


A trendy living room with a distressed brown leather sectional and dark wood coffee table. It’s interesting to expose rustic appeal in such contemporary living room. We may furnish the space with darker & shabbier look furnishing items, but we need to add highlighted throw pillows for the accents. Or we probably want to include a couple of creative handmade wall paintings on our black painted walls. What a great idea!

It’s gonna be fun if we do feature two opposite look like this shabbier brown leather sectional and playful blue rug. More colors are also added for a cheerful space as what I find on these multicolored throw pillows. Essentially, the old-fashioned & shabby one can be covered by other pieces that offer more fun scheme and pattern. They exactly complete each other.

A mid century modern living room with additional classic style. Uniquely, the owner mixes some random styles for such a credible setting. Here, I find some street & industrial styles (the wall decors for examples) that influence the furniture choice. The sectional and coffee table, for instance, are inspired from rustic furnishing idea. They fully contrast with a womb chair that truly expose mid century modern style.

Indeed, the sectional doesn’t look like worn-out, but keep exposing shabbier look. Its lighter brown scheme makes it more stunning in this deep grey interior. The scheme also seems so matching with the light wood coffee table which is precisely designed in industrial style. And the rug becomes the only one that’s producing bright & pop of color, blue.

The sectional is rather shabby but full of charm. The blue throw pillows add a contrast yet provide much comfort. The sectional’s base seems floating, so it helps saving amounts of space. The wall decors, additionally, create a cluster of artworks that simply becomes the accents for clean wall.

What a lovely color! The coffee brown has infused the nature scheme to the space, adding something natural & deep tone in this dominant white interior.

scandinavian style living room distressed brown leather sectional light wood coffee table concrete walls

House Of Fraser

Improve the simple tone of grey with understates and beautiful piece of distressed brown leather sectional and light wood coffee table. This furniture choice truly owns an organic and tactile appeal.

fun living room distressed light brown leather sectional fury throw pillows multicolored wallpaper framed wall decors multicolored rug

JAC Interiors

Add something genuine & natural to your pop-styled living room. By involving a distressed light brown leather sectional, the space would be more unique due to its shabbier look which actually blends with this fun interior.

So colorful. Actually, the space adopts a mixture of mid century modern and rustic which is well-applied on the furniture choice particularly the leather sectional and a couple of armchairs. But the wallpapers and an abstract wall painting here have reduced the rustic quality by their motifs and colors. That’s so unique and rarely implemented nowadays.

What a perfect setting! Leather sectional in the center is garnished by an artistic pop art above it. Either side is highlighted by different items, a floor lamp & decorative surfing board. Fantastic!

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