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Tropical Area Of Balcony With Wooden Floor And White Sofa And Extended Kitchen With Sliding Glass Door
Luxurious Energy Efficient Home Design With Open Concept With Pool And Small Garden And Planter Boxes
Spacious Interior Design With Beige Bamboo Flooring Idea With White Sofa And Kitchen Bar And Wide Floor To Ceiling Glass Window
Gorgeous Beige Stairs Design With Glass Railing Accent And Round Pouff Beneath The Stairs
Outdoor Hot Tub Idea With White Bench For Seating With Wooden Deck Patio With Small Garden
Modern And Minimalist Courtayard Idea With Stone And Cherry Blossom And Wooden Siding And Wooden Floor
Cool Home Design With Brick Siding And Wooden Floor And Sliding Glass Door And Pool
Comfortable Bedroom Design With Open Plana And White Barn Sofa Design With Cream Bedding And Wall Racks
Rooftop Deck Wooden Idea With Transparent Siding And Minimal Garden With Planter
Adorable Home Interior Design With Wooden Floor Wooden Stools And White Bar Table With Stainless Steel Pendants

A house with a pool? Yeah, it is so refreshing, and I deserve to have this kind of a house for long time. Imagining the sensation of soaking the body into the water after work is just appealing, and then what is the real feeling. Let me leading the journey today on a house with unique interior and a pools outside. Here we go!

Started from the bathroom, it looks different with simple tone but luxurious feeling. The open plan brings awesome view to green surrounding with perfect touch of natural light. With narrow wooden deck outside, it comes like balcony to have a cup of coffee after bath!

The kitchen is quite appealing design with full wooden material applied. It comes from the ceiling to the floor with wide island to be the kitchen bar. Right on the three stools added before, this spot must be a cool socializing space for the inhabitants even to have blast!

Rushing to the bedroom, it offers the nuance of lovely tropical with plenty of plush added. The sliding glass door leads to the great outdoor living space which is fresh and surrounded by lush vegetation. Right on the white barn sofa added aside the door, your times will not fly with no meaning!

Through the staircase with area beneath, it leads you another vibe which is closer to the outside pool. It is not a pool, actually it is a hot tub where people could warm the body during winter and spring. With spacious wooden deck around, this pool looks so fantastic overlooking other space!


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