Bike Rack for Apartment: Perfect Solution to Hang Your Bike in Stylish but Free-Space Use

Riding a bike, especially a sport bike, is fun experience. Even, some people make it as a hobby that makes them keep being happy and healthy. But the big matter is that where we should keep the bike in our tinny apartment (for people who live in an apartment or small house). Do we have to upgrade our apartment just for getting more space for bike storage? Or is okay if we just put our bike in car park area? Now, such matter will be a serious matter anymore as there are some creative ideas of bike rack we can adopt for our apartment.

One of creative ideas of bike rack for apartment is just let the bike hangs. This idea is applicable if you have extremely limited space for bike saving. Consider to make useful wall-mounted metal hookers to hang your bike. Bike mounted on wall look attractive and space-effective. The bike will be a decorative item when you are not riding it. IKEA has provided some options of wall mount products that can be used as the bike hangers. There are two more options of wall mount brands that also fit your need. The brands are Thomas Stegelmann and Kvartal.

Next attractive and cool bike rack for apartment is a bike rack. This one needs more space to put it in, indeed. Yet, that will be so awesome if you have it. A bike case bookshelf from PotFossil is just one of most recommended one. This bike case is so stunning because it has an under bookshelf addition. The upper space of it can be used to put other stuffs, such as your helmet, shoes, and the accessories you usually used to ride your bike.

A bike shelf is further option of bike storage for a small apartment. This idea is best choice, especially for you who want to blend the compact and wall-mounted bookshelf. The bike is hanging and remaining space of shelf (like the top of shelf) is used to organize the books or small accessories. Kappo wall-mounted bike rack also sounds interesting to adopt. This is a combination of small cubes and a shelf that is mounted on wall. Under shelf is for holding the bike and the top is for storing the number of accessories or everything you want. Defy gravity and bike rack behind the stairs is two others creative bike rack for apartment.


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