Amazing Black and White Hotel Design in The Club Hotel Singapore

In order to draw guests, numerous hotels have fierce race to design a hotel that is not only cozy for an overnight stay yet also captivated the eyes in the appearance. Hence, contemporary interior designers dig out some ways to create fabulous coexistence between two dull colors. The Club Hotel has demonstrated that amazing design can be achieved with non-colours to emphasize attractive patterns and shapes. This hotel in Singapore marries traditional with modern design that provides endless inspirations. The designer, Colin Seah, clarified that his inspiration has come from the Singapore’s past and nowadays. Thus, some art installations, like the statue of Raffles with his head hidden in the clouds, represent the Singapore’s colonial past.

This black and white hotel has 22 unique room units that entirely showcase black and white interior design and pieces. As modern hotel, the room features very clean appearance without being overaccessoried. Each bathroom is also enclosed with black and white ceramic tile and white bathroom pieces that complement the overall design. Despite its colorless look, the bedroom still offers comfortable atmosphere to sleep in.

For optimum entertainments, the hotel also welcomes its guests with a rooftop skybar and a tapas bar on the ground floor, leaving the guests wonderful staying experience with friends or family. Not only that, The Club Hotel in Singapore is a great proof that this amazing design only encompasses black and white colors.


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