Bodum Salt and Pepper Grinder Elevates Every Dining Centerpiece with Modernity

Do you have a plan for housewarming party in some days ahead? Wow, now must be a busy day for you to prepare everything that will impress your friends, and the most important thing is that you will never dissapoint them. Perfect plan is the best solution to go with your party. In addition, for best dining centerpiece, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have bodum salt and pepper grinder above the table? Absolutely. Here you check some designs of Bodum!

It is the most gorgeous bodum salt and pepper grinder ever that looks like a bottle of wine. It is tall with transparent glass material, and there is even black trade mark too on the body. It of course will attack the dining table with style, especially urban style. do you want to make it yourself?

The next design seems to be the opposite that appears in full black solid material. However, two transparent storage for both salt and pepper are added right in the left and right sides like ears.

Another design looks simple with can style which is divided into two store in the inner space. The combination of dull white and black color gives elegant outlook while the transparent material showcases the pattern of white salt and black pepper. Awesome!

Meanwhile, to serve your elder, isn’t it better to have the vintage one? Yeah, a set of salt and pepper grinder from bodum offers you the shape of traditional ceramic. There are two designs on a ceramic board with black handle. It is truly a perfect and exotic design that you must bring home!


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