Cool and Inspiring Bookcase Stairs Designs

What is in your mind if you are asked about the bookcase stairs? It is great and practical idea, right? The stairs are more usable because their base is used as the book organizer. You may often see the built in bookshelves under the stairs, but these following bookcases haven’t been seen before. And here they are some inspiring and interesting bookcase stairs discovered in some places.

First bookcase stairs is the one in Osaka, Japan. This bookcase is in a Nikken Sekkei office. Such bookcase design is used for both, offices and homes interior. Second design is from Ukraine. This one is very unique because the homeowner combines his staircase with high-bookcase. The staircase is built alongside six-meter-bookshelves-height. The homeowner says that his bookshelves are the wall features that give different interest for anyone viewing them. At glance, this high bookshelves design looks like the log piles.

Third bookcase stairs design is a plywood bookcase staircase in an apartment in Madrid. The designer integrates built-in closet organizer and shelves under the staircase. These storage systems frame the doorway. It is so unique, right? Bookshelves-staircase combination can also be found in a London apartment. The apartment owner can put and store his/ her book collections on the shelving units under the step-board of the staircase.

Paris also has similar idea. The difference is that the staircase is made of the cupboards in different sizes. The home owner uses unfinished-wooden cupboards to create perfect combination of natural element (presented by wooden material) and modern interior decor surrounding. A suspended stairway that is combined with storage and desk looks so attractive. This design is created by a famous figure named Mieke Meijer. The residents have to climb over integrated shelving, storage, and desk to reach out the suspended higher section of these bookcase stairs.


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